Monday, May 26, 2014

Keeping It Real

Oh Blogville I, Sweet William The Scot, was so fortunate to have won a copy of the book Mr. Pip wrote,  Keeping It Real.
Why Angel Pip even saw that I got a hard copy.  A hard copy is great for me being a Reader Dog.
I'm talking now and
I want to tell you all about Keeping It Real
This is not in the book but Mr. Pip came to his family on September 10, 2001 the day before horror struck our country and we lost over 3,000 of our citizens.
Well Mr. Pip had taken up residence behind the couch at this new place and when he heard his soon to be assistant crying on 9/11 why Pip came out from behind the couch to give comfort to this human. 
Even when we knew Pip had little time left with us he set up his Bucket List Tour and let us take part in sending him off to the Great Rainbow Bridge.
Yep Pip was a small dog but his heart had no limits to its capacity.
In his book, "Keeping It Real" he gives us his sage wisdom.
Pip talks about his start at the bottom of the cat food bowl and how even his issues had issues.
Well if you want an adorable book filled with great pictures and wisdom from Blogville's own Mr. Pip this book is a WINNER.
My favorite picture is on page fifty but you have to get Mr. Pip's book to see that picture.
The small paperback version and Kindle version will be available on Amazon this week.
It brings a smile to your face and confirms don't sweat the hard stuff and smell the roses along the way and to be kind and be different.
Yep I read Pip's book cover to cover.

Oh and did I mention a portion of each sale goes to rescue.
Thanks for being our friend Pip
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot

Monday, May 19, 2014

Date Day Making Jazzi's Dream Happen

This is the HOWL Radio Network coming to you from Blogville, Earth and I am your
DJ Rockin Wills The Music Professor
Yep 469.5 is on the air.  Today I have an extra special treat for you.
I told Jazzi for our date I would make her dream come true.  Jazzi could come down to the studio and perform live on the air.  The Music Professor is fulfilling Jazzi's dream.
 Yep Rockin Wills has double duty today.  I am your host here at the Howl and today I am also going to play backup for my girl on the guitar.


My girl Jazzi has been wanting to sing live on the air for all of Blogville since I got this station.  Well at least since Roxy started singing.
So all you pupsters and kittenestes you are hearing Jazzi performing now.  LIVE
Jazzi is singing Go Laddy Go.
Oh dogs I never knew Jazzi's mouth could open so wide!
Yep I can see out the other end.  Oh that is not a pretty sight!
When I close the radio station today Jazzi and I are heading off for Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California.  Jazzi will be auditioning for next seasons The Voice.
If you don't like Scottish Songs and Music you better turn your radio off today.
No just joking with you ~ DON'T TURN US OFF.
I have turned Jazzi's song off and I am locking the doors to the Howl station.
Back next week. 
"Do what you want, dig what you do, 'cause that's what life is all about"
Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot

Monday, May 12, 2014

Maderia Street Fair

Lee asked me, Sweet William The Scot, do you feel like going to a Street Fair.
I said wait till I get my money.  Then I was ready to go.
The city of Madeira, Ohio was having a Street Fair Sunday.  So I thought you might like to see some of the sights of the Fair.
Oh here is a rescue Greyhound and a Whippet.  The little dog is like Sammy and Wally's cousin Elle, I believe.
I asked Lee if she wanted anything from this booth. 
There were over one hundred booths.
Lee bought spice mixes for dips and rubs.
Why look those dish towels have things about us on them. 
The dog face says "My Human Is A Rescue".
 Oh we really liked this booth. 
It is the Dottie Dog!
The Artist, Beth Meyer, was so friendly.
 Custom Portraits & Super Cool Dog Art.
This little girl was a serious shopper.
I saw what I wanted across the street. 
No stopping me now!
Yep Treats of Love LLP.  I bought an Apple Cinnamon big biscuit.
I would recommend them also for home made dog treats.
If you like the way I shop, I am available to become your personal shopper. Bawheheheeeee
Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot

Monday, May 5, 2014

When Pigs Fly

This past weekend was a big weekend for my city, Cincinnati.  Why my city had visitors from every state and nineteen foreign countries.  They came to run the 16th Flying Pig Marathon.  Yep we let the Flying Pigs out to chase those runners.  First we put them in "Pig Pens" corrals.  Pig Pens are indicated on each participant’s race bib. When the race starts the runners have to run the 26.2 miles or else one of these Flying Pigs will tackle them and knock them to the ground.

It is not a pretty sight to see a runner go down.

But before the race on Sunday we had the 

Flying Fur Run on Saturday.  Yep that is my race. 
I started down by Great American Ball Park.  That is down by that round building you see on the left. 

The dogs run a two mile loop around the downtown and riverfront areas of Cincinnati and over the bridges of the Ohio River.  It was held at 1:30 p.m. Saturday. IAMS donates a 40 pound bag of food to shelter dogs at the Hamilton County SPCA for each dog registration.   WOW there were over 600 of us dogs.   
 So here are some pictures of us dogs who participated.
Yep I walked behind this Westie butt a long time.
I got to say Thank You Whitely Westie for the award on my sidebar.
And I am suppose to say what I am grateful for.  Well I am grateful for all these dogs out raising money for shelter dogs.  And for all you bloggers, my friends, who read this post.
Here I am heading for the first bridge.  I was still at the front of the pack.
 Yep there is the first bridge, Purple People Bridge.  I am going over the Ohio River to Kentucky.
Why I thought this dog was Frankie Furter.  I was screaming hi Frankie and he said buzz off you got the wrong dog.
These two were behind me and kept sniffing my butt to keep me going.
Why look at this pretty girl all dressed for the Flying Pig Race.
Now I thought this was Stella Rose but she set me straight right away.
Yep I am now in the middle of the pack.
We got to stop taking pictures so we can keep up.
Lookie that dog is wearing a tutu Bawheheheeee!
See the woman pointing I heard her calling there is a
Scottie.  Why she is here from Scotland and I am the only Scottie she has seen.
Yep I saw a lot of butts today.
Why here is a Murphy or Stanley.  I am not going to ask again because I have been wrong twice and I heard three strikes your out.
And this guys scarf is to big or he is to small.
 Looking down off the center of the first bridge.
The bridge you see in the picture I will be coming back on.
 Well here I am on the Southgate Taylor Bridge heading back into Cincinnati.  Kentucky is behind me.
I sure didn't win this race!  But Lee said if we just finished we were winners.
We kept up a good pace and surprisingly we finished in the middle of the pack.
Well Sunday all the humans take to the course at six a.m.  We line the streets to ring the cow bells to encourage the runners on.  They run through downtown and different communites on the east side of town.  I live on the east side, so I get to see all the runners.
There were 36,131 runners this year.
We had a city bathed in sunshine starting at 50 degrees going up to low 70's, what more could a runner ask for.  We are Cincinnati Proud! 
You can see all the events that took place in my city here.
Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot