Sunday, February 25, 2018

Nati In A Flood





Yep the Ohio River reached 60 feet this morning.  The highest point since 1997.
Roads are closed all over Nati City and they just closed my ramp off the Interstate so Lee has to drive past our community to the next ramp and backtrack home.

You can watch for yourself here

Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down a flooded road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Can you believe HOWL the Non Serious Radio Station that is 469.5 on the dial has dug deep into it's moth dusty pockets and coughed up the money to get me their DJ to Paris, France for the
Blogville "Valentines Day In Paris".
Bella and I are staying at the Palace of Versailles
Why look at our view of the Eiffel Tower just thirteen miles from our rooms.

Bonjour Coucou  it is Monsieur DJ Rockin Wills The Music Professor here in grand old Paree Yep "Gay Paree" where one must speak the language of  LOVE!

I'm doing a live remote from in front of the Louve so all you Monsieurs and Mademoiselle pupsters and kittenistas come on over

French is the language of LOVE so remember to create a French accent we must

 Roll your RRRRRRs and The French pronounce the TH-sound in "there" as a Z or even sometimes DZ: "Dzere are no more bananas" and the stress is almost always on the LAST syllable now stutter/hesitate Keep the H silent and Make the I's sound like EE's
I Rockin Wills will have you speaking like zee French and getting LOVE faster than light travels.

Talking about lights

Paree is also called "Zee City of Lights". 
Paris is called zee "City of Light" because it was a place of enlightenment in zee 18th century and it was one of zee first cities to start using street lights during the Great Exhibition of 1889.

Do you pupsters and kittenistas know why zee
French People eat snails? Because they don't like fast food! 
Oh I hear you HOWLING now!

Well I guess I should start thinking about spinning some vinyl.  I'm here in front of the Louve Museum.  After I'm done working I'm going to get me a look at that Rosetta Stone
the key that unlocked the secrets of a civilization.
Maybe it holds more secrets like the lottery numbers!

Well this is an old slow one so get close to your lover and sway to the music and whisper in her ear Je t'aime and give that sweetie a kiss.

Oh pupsters and kittenistas did you hear about zee Frenchman who jumped into the river in Paris?
 He was declared to be in Seine.  Oh you are HOWLING now!

Paris is the "City of Love" for a number of reasons, including its sights, its language and its popularity as a honeymoon destination.  Honeymoon Oh No!  Romance blossoms here Oh Yes!

You know pupsters and kittenistas your DJ is beginning to think it was not the Garden of Eden where man got into trouble but it was the City of Old Paree!

all you  Monsieurs and Mademoiselle pupsters and kittenistas. 

Bonsoir Bonne nuit Au revoir
Je t'aime Paree

"Do what you want, dig what you do, 'cause that's what life is all about"
Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot

Bella and your DJ are going on a tour of Paris.
I think we are going to dine on  "des cuisses de grenouille."
Skanky frog legs.
And I have to mail a postcard to Lee!


Wills we just went past Notre Dame Cathedral


Wills we passed the Louvre Museum

Wills that was the Centre Pompidou.

Wills the Champs-Elysees is coming up!

Well that was a world wind tour of the city till we got to Champs-Elysees a famous street in the city that offers cafes, luxury shops and other attractions!
Why there is Phenny and his Mom shopping!

Picture taken down now.

The one in the turtleneck left top, the one with the scarf and the end man on the right were Lee's Great Uncles and Great Great Grandfather.  And her Great Grandfather is bottom right.  Yep they were Frenchmen.  Are they not the most handsome men.  Picture around 1859.
Lee's Grandfather looked exactly like his father.