Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Oh no, what have I done?" Continued

O.K. I'm back , hopefully a little smarter. My Tutorial for Dummies says "Now comes a template". They want to temp me with a plate of what? I know what happened to Adam when he was tempted and bit the apple. Is Snazzi Jazzi wanting me to bite the apple with this blog? Someone get a DICTIONARY!!! "Oh no, what have I done?"
Wait there is more enticement, Jazzi sent a package.
It was suppose to arrive for Valentines Day. But, the Postal Service saved me, so cupid the god of desire, affection with his complex allegorical meanings could not shoot my butt with his arrow. Yes you heard that right the Postal Service left a slip of paper in my box saying I had a damaged package. I went back the next day to claim my package. It had a sharp edge pertruding. Oh No Oh No The Serpent! It had gray dust. Jazzi even scarred the Postal Service. (The dust was the envelope packing that broke in the wrong place) Well when they opened my package they had no easy humor.
Now does Jazzi want me to throw myself on the sharp pertruding object and smell the dust. Romeo and Juliet all over again! I want you to see what I got. A digger. I knew it, Jazzi wants me to dig my own grave with this blog. Someone get an ENCYCLOPEDIA!!!  I got my stories confused. "Oh no, what have I done?"
To be continued ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.
Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant!
Thank You Snazzi Jazzi ~ You are the Best
Oh Jazzi just told me I have to say "She Digs Me"
Do you like to dye easter eggs?  We do!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm Tagged

Well my friends, Rottrover, Tagged me! When I read that, I thought I was getting a new special tag for my collar. WRONG. They are giving me an oral exam and I don't mean looking in my mouth. Un Uh they are picking on my brain. Don't have one ha ha ha!
1) Describe yourself in 7 words:
Spunky, Consistent, Orgulous, Tacenda, Talented,
Indescribable, Eumoiriety (DICTIONARY)
2) What keeps you up at night?
Watching over the safety of my peep, Lee
3) Who would you like to be.
The world revolves around me does it not!
"I wanna talk about me
Wanna talk about I
Wanna talk about number one
Oh my me my"
4) What are you wearing now?
Nothing - Naked Woo hoo
5) What scares you?
Albino Brain Jiggers - AKA Snow
6) What's the best and worst things about Blogging?
It's "Oh no what have I done". I don't know what I'm doing.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
7) What's the last Blog you visited?
Hoke - The Wild Westie. Hoke was my Santa Paws
this year and he gave me great pressies.
He's my friend.
8) What's one thing you would change about yourself?
If you read Rocky Creek Scotties they told my story.
Lee found out I was from a TERRIBLE puppy mill.
I was inbred. I have terribly deformed front legs.
Lee has taken me to the Ortho Specialist in Cincinnati and
they said there was no hope. But Lee does not give up
easily. We are saving green papers again to go up to
OSU to see Dr. Jonathan Dyce in the Spring.
9) Slankets - NO
10) Tell us something about the person who tagged you.
They have their hearts in the wrong place BUT
they have the biggest, kindest hearts.
Even when I did not live in Blogville and just left comments
they said the nicest things about me. Luv Ya! Rottrover
I AM TAGGING ~~~~~~~~
HOKE ~ The Wild Westie
DOUGLAS ~ The Daily Diary of Douglas
JACQUE and PIPPEN ~ My Life with Scotties
ANGUS and MOLLY ~ Scotties living the Dream
LUNA ~ Luna Dogs Life
I'm not all about Scotties!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Waiting on Snazzi Jazzi

I am interrupting my "Oh no what have I done" post to show you how I look knocking on Jazzi's door for the Valentine Party. While I am waiting for her to open the door let me tell you what I am wearing.
Lee taught me how to do a windsor knot for my tie and I think my Tam o'Shanter, what you non Scots would call a beret sets quite fine on my head. I took a bath and then I went and "dabbed on 3 dollars Worth of that bathroom Polo" she will smell me before she even gets to the door.

Wonder what is taking my Snazzi Jazzi soooo long! Is Jazzi going to make me wait 87 minutes?
Jazzi sent me something in the mail for Valentines Day, but the squirrels at the Post Office are investigating my package.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Oh no, what have I done"

"Oh no, what have I done". I heard Santa Paws wanted me to have a blog. Then my girl, Snazzie Jazzi, sent me this Gmail: Introduction site.
It started off "Hey cutie, where ya from?" Well I put in my name Sweet William The Scot ~ And then it turned into, "Oh no, what have I done?"
Well it had my name in there so I pressed the button. Then it said "set up"! Well I Sat Up! Nothing happened!! What's wrong with this Introduction. I introduced myself, I told them my name Sweet William The Scot. So my Peep, Lee, Yep that's her name. Not Mom, Not Her, Not Human. Wait Not Human, that is a typo or typ-o.
To continue, Lee said I had better find a tutorial for dummies. Well I went out and did a toot, sniffed to make sure it was a good one. Came back in and I am still a dummy! "Oh no, what have I done?"
To be continued ~~~~~~~~