Monday, February 23, 2015

This One Is For Easy then Frankie

My Cincinnati has been in the deep freeze.  This past week we have seen records broken.  Why we were negative 25 degrees one morning.  Like most of the nation we are frozen over.  Hence Lee and I, Sweet William The Scot, spent a lot of time snuggling.  Then I thought what could I post about!
Last Fall when we were driving from one Blessing of The Animals to another one where Lee played guitar we saw something.
Everyone is tired of seeing snow RIGHT!
This post is for my friend Easy!
Bastille Day, the French national holiday, commemorates the storming of the Bastille, which took place on  July 14, 1789 and marked the beginning of the French Revolution.
 The storming of the prison was a symbol of liberty and the fight against oppression for all French citizens
Driving Along In The Community of Montgomery
 ~ Wait for it Easy!
We turned the corner!
Oh See The Verdin Bells On The Pole.
 And there in the road was painted THIS!
The Tricolore flag, it symbolized the Republic's three ideals: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity for all French citizens.
Lee and I jump out of the car and took pictures.
Yep Cincinnati paints streets.  
Yep I told you if anything sits long enough in my city we bring out the paint brushes. 
Well lookie now we are painting streets.  Yep we turned the corner and there it was.
See me tied to the bike lock pole.
Then I got this really great card from Judge Frankie and Ernie The Attorney.
It says I am Smart!  Yep
It says I am Charming!  Yep
It says I am Special!  Yep
It says I am Extraordinary!  Yep
Remarkable and Unique!  Yep
Why it does not say I am handsome ~ what happened ~ they forgot how great looking I am.
My Mug Shot
I am keeping this card as evidence.
 Thanks dogs.  WE LOVE YOU. 
Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day On The HOWL Blogville Radio

I am so lucky this year Howl at 469.5 was able to afford a computer-controlled electronic LED Digital Billboard.
I,  Rockin Wills, just have to go up to the roof turn on the air waves and I can bring in money advertising at the same time.
ERNIE what the dog!!!!!!!  Why look Ernie has himself and Frankie on MY BILLBOARD.
They're HIGH
They are blowing clouds~some HUGE clouds~INHALING!!
Have we voted to legalize Cannabis in BLOGVILLE?
Why this is just false advertising! Plagiarism
 Now that you are Ernie the Attorney you think you are above the law?
You are not above the law you are above my radio station!

I'm your DJ Rockin Wills The Music Professor and Love Doctor hitting the air waves once again telling you about that 
"Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
There goes my baby
She knows how to Rock n' roll
She drives me crazy
Crazy little thing called love  yeah yeah
I am spinning the vinyl  for all you kittenesteas and pupsters who are in LOVE.
Rockin Wills wants everyone to get up right now on to the dance floor and shake that bootie!
Yep you have been listening to Crazy Little Thing Called Love performed by the British rock band Queen on your Non Serious Radio Station Howl at 469.5 on the dial.  Blogville's own Radio station. That song was written by singer Freddie Mercury in 1979. While it peaked at number two in the UK, it hit number one on the U.S. charts on February 23, 1980, remaining there for three weeks. It topped the charts in Australia for six weeks.
Did you know this DJ is dating an Aussie!  Yep that pretty Aussie Scottie Bella.  She is my date to the The Heart 2 Heart Valentine's Day Dance. 
See I put the picture Bella sent me in my watch bob.
Look at that gorgeous head band she is wearing, why she is beautiful.
Yep Rockin Wills put his heart in there also.

Love is in the air literally.  We have Blogville's one and only Kismet flying high and she is not shooting you with Cupid's Arrows.  Kismet is delivering her special  Hershey squirt with a dolip of cream on those lucky enough to be in love this Valentine's Day.

 Yep the Love Doctor is telling it to you straight.  LOVE is part of The Big Bang Theory, the origin of the universe.  It bangs you in the head, shoots you in the heart and kicks you in the bum. It also can be called The Biggest Blunder it is filled with black holes and a spiral galaxy that can suck  you in.  You got that straight from me, The Love Doctor Rockin Wills The Music Professor.

Remember to kiss someone today.
Whoa whoa, you got the best of my love
Keep Howling  

"Do what you want, dig what you do, 'cause that's what life is all about"

Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot

Bella and I, Sweet William, will see you at the dance!


Monday, February 9, 2015

DNA Test for Sweet William The Scot and Lee

Lee decided this past Christmas she would send away for an DNA Testing Kit.
Family history is in our DNA.  We are going to discover Lee's ethnicity.  Lee's father always said the family was from Sweden.  Lee's mother said she was related to the Queen of England.  Lee always did a silent Bawheheeee and rolled her eyes when she heard that.  Lee's mother had mental illness and was always on antidepressants or psychogentic medication.  It was a Prozac World for her mother.
Lee is the last of her line and has no close relatives at all. 
So we are going to research and see what Lee's DNA has to say.
This picture was taken in the early 1900s of some family members.
I, Sweet William The Scot, did a DNA Gentic Test also.  Two years ago a call went out to us Scottish Terriers.  To look into markers that might stop some diseases in dogs, Scottish Terriers in particular since we are dying younger and younger.  I know a lot of the Scottie Bloggers filled out all the questions we were asked.  As far as I know I was the only one chosen to be in the testing. 
Yep my kit came from the Van Andel Research Institute
Have you researched your ancestry????
Do you want to follow us on our journey to find our roots??
We would like to tell you about how the samples are taken and some of the questions I had to answers.  You would be appalled at how my grandparents were treated and amazed at a few things.
We would post from time to time about the information we find out about us if you would be interested.
( My eyes are O.K. the red eye setting on our camera is acting funky.)
Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot
Psssss ~  DJ Rockin Wills The Music Professor and Love Doctor will be hitting the air waves on Valentine's Day.
So keep your radio tuned to your Non Serious Radio easy listening station.   HOWL 469.5  

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Peace Pole Garden

It is a cold windy overcast day in my Nati City.
And the Garden is not in bloom.  But, I wanted to show you the
 Peace Pole Garden.
Which honors diversity and promotes inclusion.
It sits less than a mile from my home.
We hold candle light vigils here.
What does this say in Arabic?
What does it say in Spanish?
What does it say in Russian?
What does this say in Hindi?
What does this say in Cherokee?
What does this say in Chinese?
What does this say in German?
What does this say in French?
Maybe Easy can read this for me.
What does this say in Hebrew?
What does this say in Japanese?
What does this say in Swahili?
Maybe Wallace and Samuel can read this.
I know what this says!
Yes we pray May Peace Prevail On Earth.
How many languages do you speak?
It kind of reminds us of Stonehenge.
In that it is circular and made of stone.
I am sure it will not last as long as Stonehenge.
But it is a testament to our desire for Peace to Prevail.
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.
Around the outer perimeter of where the Peace Pole Garden sits is a wonderful track for walking.  I am starting my training for the Big Mayorz Marathon that Blogville is having April 16th.

Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot