Monday, August 25, 2014

Lumenocity 2014

I, Sweet William The Scot, want to tell you about something that happens in Downtown Cincinnati.
Tickets for Lumenocity go within minutes and I am serious.
Due to the crowds the first time around (35,000 people in two days), the civic lawn is ticketed  though still completely free. 
Well I told you about Music Hall in another post.
You take a blanket and picnic basket and sit in Washington Park across the street, here in this picture.
The show will begin with  Cincinnati Pops performance conducted by John Morris Russell.
 After intermission, Louis LangrĂ©e will take the stage to lead the CSO as Music Hall becomes a canvas for digital animations choreographed to the music and designed specifically to fit the facade, crafted this year by local creative design and production company Brave Berlin.
The two pictures we took are really bad!  Lee does not have a camera that takes night pictures.
Lee says we cannot afford a good camera.  We just have a Nikon Coolpix.
A friend of ours did this video.  I hope you enjoy Lumenocity as much as we do. 
I love the Big Red Bird at 1:46 minutes into the video,
There are Owls, Fish, Frogs, Bats, Ladybugs, a Wild Woodpecker, Tigers, Rabbits, Deer and in the second half which is not shown hugh Human Dancers.
While all this is going on I, Sweet William The Scot, curl up on our blanket as tight as I can next to Lee's hip and sleep.
 These beautiful flowers are in the park across the street.
Flowers for Jazzi.
 As you all know Jazzi was my gal, my Scottish lassie.  Ever since I have been in Blogville we were a team.  My first ever post January 18, 2012 was asking Jazzi to the Valentine Dance.  Jazzi accepted to my surprise and dated a newcomer. We went to every Blogville Event together.
 My heart is broken for Jazzi took a big part of it with her.
I cannot say and I will not say
That Jazzi is dead, she is just away.
With a cheery smile and a wave of the paw
She has just wandered afar
Our last post together had the song
"All God's Creatures got a place in the choir"
Jazzi has found her place in The Scotty Choir.
Our song is ended, but the melody lingers on for me.
Thanks for being a friend
 Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rockin' Wills Is On For Safety Week

I am Disc Jockey, Rockin' Wills, The Music Professor, on Blogvilles own Non Serious Radio Station  HOWL 469.5 spinning the vinyl at the top of the hour.
  What hour what time is it?
Blogville is a buzz with Safety Week.
Oh the pupsters and kittenistas are HOWLING!
Have our sponsors gotten the Safety Message Across?
Now here are Rockin' Wills own top four safety tips.
A slip could mean a hospital trip, keep your biped from Slip slidin’ away in your poop.
Slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away in  poop.

If you don't want to bet your life, don't gamble with safety.
Don't be licking those electrical outlets.

Remember it's better to arrive late in this world than early in the next.


Remember don't let your peeps light a match when they smell your gas, or else you will be yelling  Armageddon!

Now for the latest news.  Blogville has a new band in town. 
They are in the station performing live today so let's hear it for
Mac Lowland Scottish Band.
Rockin' Wills has got a joke for you pupsters out there.
An OSH Inspector enters a workplace and sees a sign reading “Danger! Beware of the Dog.” He then sees an old hound dog lying asleep on the floor. “Is that the dog the sign is warning about?” asks the Inspector. “Yes,” replies the foreman. “Before I put the sign up, everyone kept tripping over him.”

Did you know us dogs can get Water Intoxication!
At highest risk are dogs that enjoying playing in the water for long stretches. But believe it or not, even a lawn sprinkler or hose can pose a hazard for pets that love to snap at or “catch” spraying water.  The excess water depletes sodium levels in fluid outside of cells. Sodium maintains blood pressure and nerve and muscle function. The condition has also been reported in dogs that over-hydrate during or after exercise.  After a period of hard play or exercise, use caution when your dog rehydrates. If he immediately laps up the contents of his water bowl, rest him for a bit before you refill his bowl.  Water intoxication progresses quickly and can be life threatening.  Smaller dogs probably show symptoms more quickly because it takes less time for an excessive amount of water to build up in their bodies.
Symptoms of water intoxication include staggering/loss of coordination, lethargy, nausea, bloating, vomiting, dilated pupils, glazed eyes, light gum color, and excessive salivation.
Treatment in dogs typically includes IV delivery of electrolytes, diuretics, and drugs to reduce brain swelling. With aggressive veterinary care, some dogs are able to recover from water intoxication, but sadly, many are not.
Well I know all you pupsters and kittenistas want to get to the picnic so BEAT IT out of the station now.  KEEP FROSTY!
I am closing down and headed for the Blogville Safety Picnic.
So till I hit those air waves again Smack Smack!

Keep Howling 
"Do what you want, dig what you do, 'cause that's what life is all about"
Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot

Monday, August 11, 2014

Look What Crossed My Path

I, Sweet William The Scot, went out my door and there going across my driveway in my fenced in yard was something I had never seen.  I had to go and get Lee to show her.  Lee said it had been years since she saw one.
The Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina) is one of two species of box turtles found in the United States. It is the only "land turtle" found in North Carolina and is also the state reptile.
Ranger I found your turtle.
I think Mr. Box Turtle is looking at me!
Mr. Box Turtle was very interested in me and no matter where Lee sat him down he crawled right over to my side.  I will protect you buddy and don't worry Lee won't hurt you.
Box turtles are extremely long lived, slow to mature, and have relatively few offspring per year. These characteristics, along with a propensity to get hit by cars, make the box turtle a species particularly susceptible to human-induced problems.
  Don't worry Mr. Box Turtle I won't hurt you.  Well I guess he is a male.  Lee found this  "The females have brown heads and their legs have yellow scales. The eyes of male are red and the females are brown".
 Look me in the eye turtle, are your eyes red?  Yep red! 
Lee put him in a pot to keep him safe.

 The Eastern is bigger than the Western Box Turtle.  We grow something bigger than Texas ~ take that Sully.
 Box turtles have been prevalent in Ohio’s history for centuries. Native Americans used the turtle for a variety of purposes. Their meat was eaten and the shells were used for bowls, ladles, ceremonial rattles.
Well I got to let my turtle go so he can enjoy life.  They say they don't do good taken away from their stomping grounds.  Well if you stay here the kids for sure are going to catch you or a lawn mower will get you.  Turtles can live in a variety of different habitats, they are most abundant and healthy in moist forested areas with plenty of underbrush.
This is the perfect area for Mr. Box Turtle.
I am going to take him to 125-acre Stanbery Park,  where there is lots of moist forested areas with plenty of underbrush and is one fourth mile from here. 
Gotta go for a ride to take Mr. Turtle to a safer home.
You can get out Mr. Box Turtle.  Your going to live here now.
Hope you like your new home in the big woods Mr. Box Turtle.
Take a good look around Mr. Box Turtle.
Good job you are heading East into the deeper underbrush.
Maybe some day when we walk this path I will see you again friend.
Till then I will always have my pictures of us together.

Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot

Pssssss ~ Rockin' Wills will be in the Blogville Safety Parade today and I will be on Blogville's the Howl Non Serious Radio 469.5 on Saturday.  So you be sure to look for me and give me a HOWL.
Be sure to HOWL at my band members on the vehicle behind me.
Band members Kyla Scott, Bentley Brice and Little Dui.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Where Does Your Water Come From?

Here stands what is left of Ohio's first public water system.
 Such a tiny facility.
Today GCWW draws its water from the Ohio River behind me and the Great Miami Aquifer.
Greater Cincinnati Water Works today provides about 133 million gallons of water a day through 3,000 miles of water mains to most of Hamilton County and parts of Butler and Warren Counties in Ohio, and to Boone County in Kentucky.
Their mission is to provide customers within our regional communities a plentiful supply of the highest quality water.
Greater Cincinnati Water Works has always taken the lead in water quality research and technology to protect public health. They have been featured nationally for our state-of-the-art water treatment and research.
  Why they test the water more than 600 times a day
throughout the treatment and distribution system to ensure the water is of the highest quality when it reaches my drinking bowl. 
Why our water works has a character that is called Willing Water but we kind of call him Willie The Drip because that is what Lee's Grandpa and Uncle who worked their entire lives at GCWW called him.
My water tastes great.  Why I drink that 133 million gallons of water a day they process.
Yep I go to potty regularly, no problem with that end.
Yep Lee's Grandpa was just a young boy when he helped keep the water works going during the 1937 Flood.  Lee's Grandpa stayed there night and day during that terrible flood.
The Water Works sits four houses away from where Lee's Grandpa lived.  They are really nice neighbors, so quiet.
This GCWW building sat where the new building above sits.  Lee's Grandpa left his family and slept above those doors with three other men in the 1937  flood and they did their best to keep the plant going.
Oh I have so much to show and tell you about my Nati City.

Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot

Psssss ~ August 8th is Ranger's Bat Cave Party.  I am going are you??
Riddle: I'm not a pool, a tree, a slave, a website, or a shirt.
What am I?

Answer: A book. Not a pool but it has a cover, not a tree but has leaves, not a slave but is bound, not a website but has pages, and not a shirt but has sleeves.