Monday, February 25, 2013

This Place

I thought maybe you would like to see my veterinarian's office.
My dogster's office.
Yep I think it is really nice and the best thing about it is I can walk to my dogster.  It is five blocks from my home. 
 It was a bank before my dogster bought the building and refurbished.  
Yep he bought a bank that has a safe that stores my gems from my bubbleectomy,  
you know the removal of my puppy making machine surgery.
Look at this cupola, Mitch and Molly's peeps build these.  It lets light into the waiting area and I am always looking up while I wait.  If I ignore the situation it will go away.
The waiting area, under cupola.
While I am sitting here waiting to see my dogster.
I ask why am I always on time and the dogster is always running late.
Why Oh Why!
Now this door here, well it is the side door and it is to the groomer.
Now this is my groomer.  Yea Yea I see my furs, O.K. O.K. let me out of here.
Gotta pay the bill, what do you mean, I gave you my fur. 
Yep this is the desk that takes Lee's money.
Another look at the chop shop!
See you later alligator
Chop-chop, lollipop
Time to squirm, wiggle worm.
I'm out the door, dinosaur.
I would like to thank and acknowledge Pippa Sheltie for giving me the Liebster this past week. My second Liebster.  Pippa is a relative newcomer, having only been blogging since last October.  Pippa lives in my ancestral home of Scotland woohoo!  Pippa's peeps are in their eighties.  Eve is their grandpeep and Pippa and Eve and the peeps have a fun time together. 
 They have thirty followers, so please go and say Hi to Pippa Sheltie and leave them a comment.

Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
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Sweet William The Scot

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pip and Puddles and William

You see me here?  Guess where I am?
I am waiting for Pip and Puddles.
Look what sits in my backyard.
Well I just told an  inexactitude ~ I'm bad!  It sits one street over from my backyard.
They are here!
I saw on Pip's Bucket List he wanted to see an exorcism performed.
The Athenaeum of Ohio – Mount St. Mary's Seminary of the West, originally St. Francis Xavier Seminary, is the third-oldest Roman Catholic seminary in the United States.
From 1955 to 1963 more than $5 million was funneled into seminary building expansion and reconstruction required after a 1956 fire that gutted the south wing of the existing building.  If you look closely the terra cotta tile roof on the left is newer than the right side.  The left side is the south wing.
The home of The Athenaeum of Ohio is a Cincinnati landmark - an elegant granite building in Romanesque style with a terra cotta tile roof. It stands on a 75-acre wooded and well maintained site in the Mount Washington area at the far eastern limits of the city.
  Yep I live in the far eastern limits of the city.  On two sides of our home within a fourth of a mile sits the corporation line.
Now Pip and Puddles you let me do all the talking.  Exorcisms are expensive and I only have a few dollars.
 Let Me In Wee Ooh.  The doors weigh a ton, well almost. 
Hello can you help us.  It is William, Pip and Puddles. We need a priest.  We need and exorcism on Puddles to rid her of the demons of Cheetos and Beer.
They said Scram Sam.
Wait we are William, Pip and Puddles.
Maybe they only speak Latin.  I know some Latin, Pig Latin.

eway reaay erehay orfay naay xorcismeay foay hetay emonsday foay eerbay ndaay heetoscay romfay uroay riendfay uddlespay
 pig latin translator
They said Hit the Road Jack and don't you come back / No more, no more, no more, no more.  
What's wrong with them ~ they don't understand we are William, Pip and Puddles.
In 2004, The Athenaeum of Ohio-Mount St. Mary's Seminary celebrated its 175th anniversary, just one year after the State of Ohio celebrated its bicentennial year.
The detail in this structure is unbelievable!

Pip and Puddles must be in a hurry they could not wait and sped out of here so fast they did not get to see the grounds.  Puddles was so nice and understanding, why she had nothing to say, quiet as can be.  When she drove off she threw me a can of Whoop A$$.  So nice of her.  I wonder if I have to heat it or I can eat it cold. 
Sorry Pip that is one Bucket List wish I could not make happen.  Love Ya Pip
When the grounds of the Athenaeum were first planted in the late 1920s, a conscious effort was made to preserve existing trees and enhance the acreage with a variety of trees and foliage from around the world.  Well with the storms we have had the last couple of years several of the beautiful trees have been taken down and being that it is winter here in Cincinnati it would be hard to show you the beauty of the grounds.  So maybe in the summer I will take you on a tour of the grounds.
Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
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Sweet William The Scot
 Bye, Bye
Drive safe you two!


 Breaking News! 

Pope Benedict XVI Resigns  ~ Lighting Strikes Vatican! 

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Come One Come All the Blogville Fun Circus is in town.
Step right up, buy your tickets at the window in the sidebar.
I fly through the air with the greatest of ease
I am chasing the tree rats from the trees.
My clothes will be all tattered and torn
When you get done playing my
Cuckoo Carney Game
Thanks Roo for letting me be in the circus game!
Come One Come All The Blogville Fun Circus is in town.

See Ya at the Circus
Sweet William The Scot
Psssssssss ~ Sunday PIP & PUDDLES will be stopping by my blog on their Bucket List Tour. Their saga continues.  Please come and see what they are up to in my hood.  For a hint it is Sunday and Sunday means practicing in our faith. 

Monday, February 11, 2013


I asked Jazzi to come over early in the week so I could take her to Olan Mills Paws Studio to have our official Valentine photo taken.
They say that Paws Studio does the best job.  What ya think??   

 WOW the studio did such a great job putting us into a heart.
Then I thought we had better take a few dance lessons.  So I took us to Fred Dog Astaire Dance Studio.  Fred Dog they say is the best.   He can teach any dog to dance.
I wanted us to learn to skip the light fandango
 and turned cartwheels 'cross the floor.
We only needed a few lessons and we became pros.  When Fred Dog turned on the Crystal Ball Disco light and it shown pink on us, why Snazzi Jazzi just giggled.

We went back to my home and I served Snazzi Jazzi the juciest home grown strawberries.  Why the juice ran down her chin whiskers.
We discussed how we were going to get to the dance.  I suggested my sled, with the big snow storm up east why it would be easy.  We could snuggle in my big scarf.  It would be downhill going and coming back home. If you can figure that out your smart.
Jazzi said no, Jazzi wanted to drive the vertible.
So for our dinner before the dance I suggested we go some place different than Taco Bell.
I said maybe Red Lobster.
Red Lobster serves the best seafood.  Why it is caught fresh by Goose he is a fisherman of men and fish you know.  Or maybe we could eat some crab, relatives of Shelldon and Beachnut.  That made Jazzi squeamish ~ girls!
Well a guy does not kiss and tell, so I am going to let Posh Paws Snazzi Jazzi fill you in on our date.
Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot 
Director of Music for Blogville Circus
Psssssssss ~ Take your chances come to the sideshow Cuckoo Carney Game.  See if you can score with me, Sweet William The Scot, Bawhahaaaaaa!

Monday, February 4, 2013

It's a Jungle

I, Sweet William The Scot, am going to sip some tea while I show you the store where I bought my tea.
There is a new store in the hood!
It is called  Jungle Jim's International Market.  Over 200,000 square feet of shopping space.
The Monorail came from Kings Island.
Steel beams from WWII submarine factory.
Cobble stones from streets of Cincinnati.
Take a trip around the world at Jungle Jim’s!  The International department holds over 50,000 products from over 70 countries to satisfy just about any craving.

There are rows and rows of hot sauce.  Why they even have a fire truck to put out the fire in your mouth.  I wonder if they sell KylaScott's  3-Mile Island  here.
A plane that uses hot sauce for fuel!  Bawhaha
The hot sauce drone was built from scrap airplane parts.
Under the sombreros sits Mexican food.  Tacos for Jazzi.
Mediterranean food.
Honey from around the world.  That bear chasing those bees better be careful. 
The fisherman's village.
Yep this is where I found the Airstream.  The Airstream is in the organic health food section.
I got my Yorkshire Gold Tea in this aisle. George and Tess's Dad loves Yorkshire Gold. 
Imports from country after country.
If you live in another country and have something special that you like to eat, let me know in the comment.  I will look for it and if they have what you like I will buy it and taste and report back in a future blog post.
I found Bertie's Cloudberry Jelly.  It was pinkish orange and pretty but expensive. $30.00 for 14 ounces imported from Sweden.
We drink a lot of tea!  Thanks George and Tess for recommending Yorkshire Gold Tea.
Look for me at the Blogville Fun Circus. 
I, Sweet William The Scot, am the Music Director. You can also find me working in a sideshow game.  Oh you are going to have fun playing my game!!  Oh, Mr. Barnum, save a place for me.
Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot