Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Town

Look at the flowers I grow ~ white clematis, red tulips, yellow chrysanthemum.  My garden is so beautiful and I don't have to water or fertilize.
Oh I made another terminological inexactitued, I'm bad.  Now for really bad ! Everytime I say clematis we laugh because Lee has a friend who seriously called the flower white or purple chlamydia.  By the way her chlamydia plants were beautiful this year.  Now I have digressed from subject Bawhehehe!
This mural appeared painted on the concrete wall along Route 50 this Spring.  I, Sweet William The Scot, wanted you to see the part of my town which the mural reflects.  Columbia-Tusculum is the oldest neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio and is located on the East Side of the city.  About three miles from my home.  It is a historic district that was once a neighborhood where steamboats were built.  The neighborhood is noted for the Victorian era homes decorated in the painted ladies multi-color style.  See the mural has several of the painted ladies and lovely flowers and birds.

The real houses.
Higher Level Art added a splash of color to the drab concrete wall near the gardens.  Students from the Art Academy of Cincinnati helped in the project.

Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine.
Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot


  1. That looks like a wonderful neighborhood to explore and stroll through.

  2. The wall is good, however you make it look great. The homes are wonderful when they are painted.

  3. What a wonderful stroll. And your flowers are lovely, hehehe

  4. What cool houses Sweet William I love those old houses and that they are painted so pretty. You look very Handsome in front of those mural flowers, so much that it took my breathe away!!

    Loving wags

  5. OMD OMD... THOSE are the kind of flowers that my MOM needs beclaws she is NOT good about the weeding pawt.

    THAT is such a grrrreat Wall of houses and the REAL Painted Lady is GRAND indeed.

  6. The mural is lovely and the real houses even lovelier. Thanks for showing us this interesting area of your hometown. And I think those flowers might even survive having Gail to care for them....
    Toodle pip!

  7. Maybe we should grow flowers like that! SHE doesn't have much of a green thumb....actually SHE's not much of an artist either.

    Love seeing those old houses.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. Bwhahahaha...I almost couldn't gets past da chlamydia part...hehehehe. You crack me up.

    Those houses are just exquisite! Da colors be so purties and they would makes a great pawty house.
    Incredible work they did on da mural. Talented peoples they is.


  9. What lovely flowers and artworks, the weather doesn't look half bad either... The fog is as thick as pea soup here at the moment, feeling a bit jealous!!

    Woofs and waggles,


  10. What pretty houses and what a beautiful mural! We love it when old houses are restored and cared for, like the ones in your photos. (My grampa used to restore historic homes and my mom grew up in a 150 year old home.)

    Mom has always loved clematis flowers and is still snickering about the chlamydia flowers, but she won't explain to me what is so funny.

  11. SW, we loved this post. It's so great to read (and see!) about the towns where our dogblog friends live. Those houses are amazing - my She Two Legged One ooohed and aahhhed over them and the mural was brilliant. My She Two Legged One who has a black thumb rather than a green one, thought your garden was the best one ever - no watering, no fertiliser, just a lovely, always blooming garden!



  12. Very lovely neighborhood, and what a great mural!

  13. Is that you Sweet William? I thought it might be a high payed model, you are so handsome by those flowers. Mommy went nuts for the houses. Thank you for this lovely journey my sweet pal.

    Loveys Sasha

  14. Chlamydia in SinSinNati. I get it.

  15. That looks lovely, we loved the mural. The human likes the Victorian era, well let's face it she will be reminded of her youth! We loved seeing the houses.

  16. What a beautiful mural! Thank you for taking us along on your neighborhood stroll, William.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  17. You have a beautiful low maintenance garden my furiend! :D Great murals in your town!

    Waggin at ya,

  18. Hey, that kinda garden is sweet! Thanks for the tour of your town!

    Aroo, Stuart

  19. Wonderful tour of your town!

  20. Hey Sweet William!
    Wow, that's BOL funny...Mom's clapping her hands and laughing. ahem. (HBO fur sure)
    Anyway, those are great murals and the flowers are the kind even my Mom couldn't kill!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  21. THAT is the kind of garden that WE need!! Love all of the beautiful murals and the pretty colored houses!! Our mama used to live in Ohio too! For a LONG time!! Thanks for the tour! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  22. MOL William we liked the funny about the mispronunciation of the plant. The mural is gorgeous lots of talent and time in that.
    Hugs to you from your BFFF

  23. That's a lovely mural and the houses are beautiful. Thanks for taking us to visit!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  24. So pretty William! My mom, in NJ who had the 2 Scotties, grows clematis every year. The vine has been there since I was a kid and that's a looong time! I think it's cool how they turned the wall into art and those houses are so pretty. A friend who I haven't seen in a long time lives in Cincinnati so it was nice to a little piece of that city.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  25. Que bonito el mural! Tu tambien deberías tener tu propio mural. Las casas del mural tambien son preciosas, por aqui no hay de esas casas...

  26. That is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Your town is awesome!!

    Hey, just letting you know that I have passed along the One Lovely Award to you! You can find it here http://janet-bassetmomma.blogspot.ca/2012/06/awards-day.html

  28. WOW - what a flabby place to live - thanks for sharing! Please, though, can you send us some sunshine, it's more like winter here in the UK!

    RooOOOoodles, Gus, Bob & Fin