Monday, June 9, 2014

My Prospective Of Blogville

I was going to throw my hat into the ring for the Official Logo of Blogville to be used on a flag and all documents that Murphy & Stanley are hosting.  
My design has the earth in the center for us bloggers live all around the globe. 
It has a circle representing unity.  Unity in our love for animals.
I drew a very silly spotty dog (perhaps it could be Roxy) and a cat with white paws.
The animals tails start and end the word Blogville like a thread that holds us together.
It has the paw prints and the words Power of the Paw.
We can have much power together.
Power in numbers to speak out against animal cruelty.
Power in numbers to help our friends in need with veterinarian bills.
Power in number to pray with our friends when their animals are sick.
And someone to listen when their animals time has come to an end and they have to say goodbye.

But this past week I received an e-mail by mistake.  The e-mail was written by someone I considered a friend.  It had harsh comments about Lee.  "I had minor indirect interaction w Lee March 2012 when there was an effort to set up a blogville mall. It was a very unusual experience.  She is rather intense and a nitpicker."
I want to speak to this Mall for one minute.
My job was to go over all legal.  We had to compare E-Bay and Itsy to the Rules and Regulations of our Mall to come.  Then we had to start the paperwork to register it out of Florida where Roo lives.
It was a time consuming task  and as legal goes every word had to be correct.
When Roo and I finished, Lee elected to quit the project.  One reason being Lee had went into Waldenstrom and was very sick.  Lee closed us down for five months.
 We were six weeks into the project and no consensus was made to a name for the Mall yet.
There were no conciliatory moves or decisions.
Subsequently one person quit the following week.
Then four people quit the following month.
Then two bloggers left our community.
If she feels the effort was not given its just dues then perhaps she should not have quit the Mall project herself or spoken up at the time, not now in June 2014.  And spoken to me directly not in gossip to someone else.  When I e-mailed the person back she had mistakenly sent it to me,  her quote was "I am sorry you got the e-mail".  Not that she was sorry for her hurtful words. 
Lee was never given a reason as to why she 
was "very unusual" or what Lee was nitpicking about. 
So in concluding Lee says we no longer feel our design was an appropriate representation of what Blogville is about.
When negative comments are made behind our backs it diminishes what Blogville should be about? 
It hurts the person being talked about.  And if one stops to think I believe the one doing the gossiping has diminished themselves.
I think this poem is appropriate
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)
So true ~  Lets speak out when you see injustice

That old saying about sticks and stones, well it no longer applies. 
It is now called bullying! 
Blogville and the Globe will become a much nicer place to live.
Lets make Blogville the bestest town on the globe.
Sweet William The Scot

PSSS ~ I was the one who coined bestest which many of you use.
 For those of you who think I am intense well read this post
or any of Rockin Wills, The Music Professor Posts or the William Pip and Puddles Post.
Oh and when I heard I was such a nitpicker ~~~~~~~~~~
Well all I could think was KNIT ONE PEARL TWO! 

Thanks For Reading


  1. I'm don't know the incident in question and I am sorry things fell apart and people got hurt.

    I have let too many people steal joy from my life to not say this, though. You will always find people who can and will make your life challenging. You can let them win or you can choose to accept that they exist and they will exist. Yes, speak out and hold people accountable when it happens.

    However, don't blame the world for the actions of those who had nothing to do with what happened. When life hits I have had to leave Blogville and I am always amazed at the kindness and the joy when I return. I had been absent for a bit and someone emailed me to remind me about the card exchange this past Christmas. It meant so much to get those cards and I would have missed it if not for the thoughtful act of someone I only know in Blogville.

    It is important to remember our actions do have consequences regardless of when we act in person or in cyber space. Acts of kindness are very powerful and have long reaching powers of good. Acts of pettiness also are powerful and can turn people away from the good that is in the world.

    So while you were hurt, I still believe strongly that it is surrendering to the dark side not to submit your logo. There will always be darkness. However, your design represents the light that we all have experienced living her in Blogville. The Golden rule only works when we live it.

  2. Ring-ding-ding....who would do such a thing? Sir William, first let me say that your and Lee's logo is pawesome! I love it and I had no idea you both had such secret talents. Now, although I have no idea who said what, since I was not involved in the Mall, what is written seems hurtful and mean. Why didn't anyone ever ask Lee anything? Why just assume stuff behind someone's back? And if Lee was sick at the time, then for Dog's sakes try to be a bit understanding or empathetic. I will say, you are not alone...I have been shocked by people in Blogville in the past. You think you know someone through blogging but you sometimes really do not. So sad. I know you and Lee are tough terriers but if you need anything, you let me know.
    Your very good pal,

  3. I like the top logo! You did a fantastic job on it. I love how you added a dog and cat! Pawsome.

  4. We're so sorry that some people seem to have to put other's down when really they are the one's that have the problem. We love your logo design. Our mom is crafty but she doesn't do well with drawing stuff. Your design is just the concept we were thinking and you should definitely send it to Murphy and Stanley. We love you, your mom and your design!

  5. Wesa loves your logo Ms. Lee, and all that it stands for.
    Please throw your hat in the ring.
    Angus McConnell Long

  6. Dear SW & Lee we think your logo is outstanding. You both have done a fantastic job and there is a real talent there. Gosh we would be proud to sport that. We will focus on the positive.We think your not only talented but clever and very diligent and we are honoured to call you friend.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. I like the logo, it's perfect and it's much better than my trial , honestly. And I hope it will be THE Blogville-Logo. I feel sorry for your Lee,please give her a hug from me and I agree, whatever it is, we can say or write it, but not behind the back.

  8. Dear FURENDS,
    We are so very much SAD that you were hurt in this way. We wish this had NOT EVER happened.
    We adore your clever Logo. You covered EVERYTHINGY that is MAGICAL about Blogville.

  9. Wow....we don't know anything about what went on but we did want to say that we think the Logo is pawsome!!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. Hey Sweet William and Lee!
    Wow, your logo is wonderful and I think it's a very nice design for our community! I'm so sorry you are hurt and I just want to say that I adore you both and your blog. I hope you will be able to ignore the bad and stay with us to enjoy the good. We have so much more love and fun to share together.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge and his Pack

  11. I'm so so so sorry that this happened to you.
    We think your Logo is AWESOME and we just LOVE it!! It truly represents everything we are about. You are very talented Lee.

    It makes us all sad and I know words do hurt. This person needs to be accountable for their actions. This could happen to any of us and I can say for sure:
    For one that hurt people with words, there are 99 more than will stand up for you Lee.

    Third, Yes, it all needs to be legal and we totally agree and it takes time to dot the I's and cross the T's.
    You were sick and needed to take care of yourself and if people don't understand that then they need to leave Blogville. Blogville is a community that cares and we all care about you Lee and Sweet William. Mom and me are standing right with ya.

    Hurting people hurt other people. Lee don't let them you of your Joy!! Ignore them and yes, I know it is easier said than done. We have had stuffs said to us too as had others also. We love you Lee and Sweet William and love reading about you.

    Keep on keeping on and Sweet William, tell me who it is and I will go and bite their ankles!!
    Love and Wags
    Diana and Jazzi

  12. Since I don't recall what was happening then and don't even know who Roo is, I'll let it pass. You probably should also.
    TY4BAF, Kyla

  13. SW, I don't want you to put in that PAWSOME Logo, I was going to enter butt I wouldn't stand a chance against yours. ( ONLY JOKING ) It is wunderful and PAWFECT for Bloggville, I would happily display that on my blog. It's a WINNER :) . I am so sorry you were so hurt, let it go now as you know you are so loved and we don't want you making yourself poorly again with the stress.
    Love you, your Princess :)

    Mollie and Alfie

  14. I LOVE YOUR LOGO! It is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat !!!

  15. Please, please, please enter your logo! Mom has had some ideas rolling around in her head and then Wham, we saw yours and you did it perfectly, we love it and we love you. We know we only drop by now and then, but we always love it when we do.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  16. I think it's impawtent to remember that despite this negative experience Blogville is still a wonderful place. I'm sorry for your hurt feelings and hope you can still see all the wonderful people around you.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

  17. Sweet William and Lee I understand you are hurt and angry about the betrayal of a so call friend. But DO NOT let this little person win but not entering your logo.
    The indea behind your design and the design is very positive. Do not let anyone take your LIGHT. Small minds will try do that so DO NOT LET THEM Win. I hope you know you both are loved.

  18. We love your logo and it represents everything we love about Blogville. Sometimes the trolls lurk where we least expect them we've found it's best to just not feed them and keep moving forward.

    Edgar and his mum

  19. Dear Sweet William and Lee, we love having you in Blogville and we love your clever logo too. Please don't be discouraged, as it's clear from all the comments above that there are lots of people in Blogville who only wish the best for you.
    Cheers and Toodle pip!
    Gail and Bertie.

  20. Good heavens. We think the nitpicking pointing finger is pointing the wrong way!

    We love your logo and how you REPRESENT what the MAJORITY feel about BLOGVILLE. Try to forget bad experiences like that--hard we know--but keep going. Too many people have horrible little lives and want to make everyone miserable.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  21. Your logo is fabulous, Lee and William, and we are happy to call you our friends ♥

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  22. You should certainly enter your logo - we think it is a winner for sure ....please do not let the negatives of the past influence your future - don't give them that power.

  23. Something told me to pop on over and visit your blog today and I am sorry that this whole ugly scene popped up recently. The mall situation brings up some ugly memories for me too. Hope you and mom are doing good!

  24. Sorry to hear someone were gossipin - dat stinks. I luv your logo and fink ya should enter it.

  25. Dearest SW and Lee,
    Where do we begin...firstly, we empathise with your hurt and commend you for speaking out about it. We hope that by writing about this incident you have been able to release some of your anger and frustration. As you know our Grandpa too suffers from Waldenstroms and as we are sure you also know it is related to stress so please do not allow this horrible event to stress you out any more. As with any community, there will always be the gossipers and bullies but they are in the minority and should not be given the attention and additional "air time" they so often crave, rather let us all turn to our inner doggie: when there is pain or trouble in your life, pee on it, kick some dirt over it and walk away. Easier said than done, we know.
    Now on to that fantastic logo which you created - we utterly, utterly adore it and all that is stands for. Clearly a lot of time and thought went into its creation and it would be a terrible shame to allow one mean person to deny the rest of us the joy of seeing your logo being entered into the competition. We hope you will reconsider entering it.
    Sending you both much love,
    Wally, Sammy and mom (Robyn)

  26. Like Finn said, something made my tawdle over here to visit you today. Remember when folks said mean things about you? Back when you started blogging? I do. That wasn't nice then, and this isn't nice now. Phooey on those who cower behind words spoken behind backs. Phooey, phooey, phooey.

    Your Lee's logos are terrierific! That mall was a lot of hard work. (Ahem...and my online store STILL isn't open!)

    Don't let one or two or even three bad apples spoil the whole bushel my furiend.

    Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and get along little doggie!

    Here's sending you a tail a waggin' and a belly to rub from me, your pal, Stu

  27. First off, we are so very sorry to hear that feelings have been hurt. Unfortunately this happens too often on the internet. We love you both and we believe that your design is a winner! You are very talented!! You have all of our support and we hope your mom is feeling better now. Xo Chloe, LadyBug, and Jeanne

  28. Gosh, we are sorry this has happened. We love your design and think you should go forward with it. We love reading your blog and about your adventures with Lee. Please don't let one person's unkind words keep you from sharing your adventures and talent.

    Braeden and Seth

  29. OK SW, you made us fell better, now go and get that logo on board, any others we just won't consider as Blogville Official.

    And thats the way it is with THE Mad Scots
    Your true blue(black & some white for Sidebite)plas