Monday, September 22, 2014

Changyuraptor One ~ Tree Rat Zero

Oh I am traumatized, I am traumatized for life.  I have post partum depression.  No that is not right I have post-traumatic stress disorder .  Yep that is what I, Sweet William The Scot, have.   I am having nightmares and flashbacks. It all happen last Friday on our evening walk.   
Yep Lee and I were just enjoying the cool evening and I spotted a squirrel, a tree rat.
He was tormenting me running along inside of the fence and playing around the tall cedars.
Then it happened.  It was a prehistoric flying reptile, a Changyuraptor swooped down.  Oh it was horrible.  The thing had big claws and was breathing fire.  I kid you not.  It swooped and grabbed Mr. Squirrel with the worst screeching noise I ever heard. 
Lee just stood there with her mouth open.  What the devil woman close your mouth that prehistoric flying reptile could rip your tongue out.
Well we were watching it go higher and higher into the heavens, when suddenly Mr. Squirrel seemed to be getting closer to us again.  Oh good grief Mr. Squirrel is coming to earth he is a flying projectile.  And his trajectory is us.  I am yelling at Lee "RUN RUN".  Lee just stands like a stiff in disbelief not moving.
Darn Mr. Squirrel hit hard.  Right in front of my eyes.  Right between Lee and me.  Mr. Squirrel was not making a come back.  Yep he just lay there on his back looking up kind of peaceful.
Even I a tree rat hater from way back felt sorry for the poor bloke.  I did not even have the heart to sniff him. 
Look how he landed paws outstretched like he was trying to catch a tree. Look at the size of those nuts.  He was not subjected to a bubblectomy!  Uhhh Mr. Squirrel put your lipstick back in for the photo O.K.
I wanted to say Karma is a bitch but I am to sweet to say anything that mean.
I pulled on my leash and told Lee lets get the heck out of here.
And for the sake of my life if I am grabbed by that monster hold on to my leash Lee for dear life. 
In 1979, Ohio hit its low point with only four nesting pairs of bald eagles in the state.
In the early 1990s, officials with the Ohio Division of Wildlife thought that 50 pairs of nesting bald eagles would be a great success in Ohio.
In 2012 the report included 213 pairs with an estimated 321 young, and at this point they don’t know how high the numbers may go.
There has been spotting of a pair in the EAST END and we live on the east side of Cincinnati.
We just saw a Bald Eagle and Lee was to stupefied to get the photo shot.
But Lee took a photo shot of the dead squirrel. 
A symbol of the United States, the bald eagle is beautiful and inspiring.
Yep it inspired me to hold on to Terra firma  good old "solid earth".

Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot

Pssssss ~ We went to a rose show last week but we were not allowed to take pictures.  It was the end of the day and one displayer gave us two roses.  The rose in the center front is the most beautiful one we have ever seen.  Why it looks like silk.  It has no smell though.


  1. OURS momma's mouf hit the desk she was so mortified, and mystified wif your story, and picture of the squirrel. Thank the dogness that he did not grab YOU or YOUR momma....oh my pug!!!!! Maybe you should call the sheriff so they can send out a APB on him.
    stella rose

  2. OMD..OMD.....It be rainin' tree rats! What's happenin' to this world of ours! That tree rat is the same size as me. Guess I'll stay in the house from now on and avoid any prehistoric flying beasts that might swoop me away too.


  3. There's no valor in chasing and getting a dead squirrel.

  4. OMD raining tree rats? Pawsome SW. We'd so be in awe of the prehistoric flying beast. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Oh my dawg. We are pretty sure it's a UFO
    Lily & Edward

  6. Looks like he died with a smile on his face to me...just sayin.

    Aroo to you,

  7. OMD OMD Sweet William.... This is the most ASTONISHING thingy we have EVER seen or heard. We are just GLAD that you and Miss Lee were spared.
    A picture surely IS worth 87,000 words... That squirrel was .... Well endowed...

  8. WOW!! What an ordeal Sweet William. No wonder you are having nightmares. So glad that the darn squirrel missed you and Lee and that you are ok. I'd walk a different just saying!!

  9. OMD! How crazy and scary was that! Our dad had to shut the back door the other evening so we would not go out. There was a BIG OWL perched on a power pole near by.
    they did not want us to get taken away!
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  10. How wonderful to see a bald eagle.
    Oh that rose is just gorgeous. Beautiful. Sweet William, did you know roses are Gail's favourite flowers?
    Toodle pip!

  11. oh my heavens! Sweet William, that is a terrifying story, no wonder you have PTSD!! We are glad that you were spared and Lee too!

    Edgar and his mum

  12. Oh my stars Sweet William I can see why you have PSTD. It is going to be a very long time before the nightmares stop. Stay close to your Lee for comfort. Someday we will all know why that monster bombed you and Lee with the tree rat.

    1. SWTS has wimpered in his sleep every night since it happened, I would love to know if the event is what he is dreaming about. He is really kicking away in his dreams.
      We are loving the Fall weather. Happy Fall Bentley.
      SWTS & Lee

  13. Oh my god the eagles are bombing us with tree rats! The threat level just went up

  14. That is the most amazing thing we have ever heard of!! Maybe you two need to wear helmets on your next walkie!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. Incredible! What a story. We are barkless. Never heard of that happening before. Even we feel sorry for that squirrel. Better watch the skies, Sweet William.

  16. oh my dog - you are lucky he didn't grab you William - we have seen such videos even one where the eagle grabeed a small child !!!!

  17. Boy, glad that wasn't you........we see why you are traumatized....that would be a shocker to see that happen .

    Your Bestie Pals
    The Mad Scots
    Pees; That rose goes well with your handsome black face Mr, Smooth

  18. OH.MY.DOG. It be rainin' well endowed tree rats?!!!!! Well..Shut the Front Door!!!! And gets an umbrella! Looks like you need it in your neck of the woods!! Is it wrong that Ma laughed at the stiff little guy? Yeah...somethin' is wrong with that woman.....
    I am sorry you gots PTSD from the incident..maybe some extra treaties before bed will help with your slumber? You should tell Lee that ☺
    Oh, and if you need some back up, I can gets in my transport tunnel and be there in a jiff
    Ruby ♥
    pees: those roses are FABulous!!!! And you are a most amazin' model Sweet William!

  19. Well, *I* can see why you have PTSD. Tree Rats falling like raindrops? What is this crazy world coming to?! My Mom on the other hand is cracking up! She said when she taught in the Bay Area, there were power lines going across the playground. She lost count how many times they'd go out for recess and find a tree rat in this exact position. She said it was just like a cartoon!
    We also read your comment on the Cowspotdogs. My mom said she knows that will be her worry at some point, too. We want you to know you are welcome here - always. We don't have the cool things to see where you live, but we also don't have a lot of tree rats! Scottie families stick together no matter what!
    The rose is spectacular - even if it doesn't smell.

  20. We would have dragged the tree rat to the deck door as a present to The Big Thing and claimed it as our own kill. And gotten high praise and many treats. Honesty is not the highest priority on our list. Treats are. MOL!

  21. Tree rats dat are already dead ain't nearly as much fun.

  22. OMC! That's horrifying! We might have PTSD after reading it!!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  23. OMD….. I think you need at least 87 treats to help you get over you Post Squirrel Trauma. Yep… dat's what I think.

  24. Ringy-dingy-ding-doo...I cannot believe it is raining tree rats on YOU! Holy Poopies, Sir William...I cannot believe that story; it is unbelievable, it is. The big bird scooped the tree rat up and then dropped it from way, way up there?!? It's kinda mean...especially if the bird isn't coming back to eat it. Oh, you must feel bad for any of God's creatures when it dies in such a way. By the way...we LOVE roses and those are some beautiful ones!
    Your friend, from now until the end,

  25. WHAT A SUPER JOB!!! You need a prize. I'll see if I can rustle one up....

    Hey, thank you for sending me the POTP. I'm back home now and resting. No biggie. And I know it was because of you and Lee keeping me in your thoughts.

    Ah, friendship, ain't it grand?????

    Your pal in squirrel chasing, Stu

  26. wow you need an umbrella! I'm glad Lee still has her tongue and she took a photo of the squirrel ( my mom still searches for the nuts, she is a nut and a late bloomer, but till tomorrow the penny will drop, I'm sure)

  27. We did not know that tree rats and squirrels are the same thing. DUH

  28. Holy moly…we have those nasty things here too!!! Swoop down and gets the morning doves and I have to protect our spot! Hope you are well my friend! I have been MIA but I'm back and have missed you!

  29. Oh good grief Sweet William! I see what you mean now...and I thought dodging Wedge tail poop was bad..but squirrrrrrrrrrrrrlllls dropping from a great height ewww . I can imagine your horror..what if he landed on your head...those nuts would knock you out for sure bwahaahaa ..oh dea this made me laugh my head off..i mean poor little squirrel but hahahah what are the chances....sleep well my friend..bed time is a squirrel free zone! loves and hugs fozziemum xx

  30. Yikes and BOL! That must have been some kind of scary! But your ummm, description of that poor tree rat made Mom spew ice tea all over the keyboard. Falling squirrels...raise the squirrel threat level to RED! Wishing you peaceful slumbers with no tree rats.

    Braeden and Seth

  31. Holy flying squirrels Sweet William! That would have scared the poop out of me. I am glad you are both ok. I hope you dont have nightmares.

    Love Sasha

  32. Oh my goodness. What a terrifying story. It has not been a good week for squirrels in blogville this week...Much love, The Scottie Mom.