Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yep I Took Myself Home

Okie Dokie here is my face if you have forgotten what I look like. 
Well it's been a long time but I, Sweet William The Scot, have got my Lee at home with me.
I just knew if I could get free of our friend Janet and get home my Lee would come home.
See it all started when Janet was getting me out of her car.  She had me in her arms and I squirmed liked the devil had my tail and broke free.  Oh did that Janet yell and yell.
I don't know what was wrong with her for I was yelling back thank you for taking care of me and that I had to get home.
Well the arrows start at Janet's condo.  I ran for the back.  Why I'm no dummy I was not taking Beechmont Avenue I-125.  I know to sit down at the curb and wait for traffic to stop before we walk across but by myself I was taking the back way with no streets to cross. And besides that traffic never stops on Beechmont.
I started from where the arrows start and ran behind Janet's association found a hole in the fence and ran in the backyards of the houses on the next street.
  Why I even stopped and said hello to my friend Crappy who lives on this street.  Crappy is a good friend he invited me in through his dog door. Crappy and I were caught on Crappy's persons video cam. Crappy and I ate out of his bowl.  What a friend. He wondered where I had been. Crappy got his name when he was a pup and he learned to pee pee outside but he just could not get the hang of doing his poopy outside and kept crapping in his owners shoes.  Crappy would have went with me on my journey but Crappy wears one of those electric collars and when he gets close to his property line why his furs stand up and can't go any further.  Don't tell Crappy but I think that electric collar has caused him to lose a few brain cells.
I went over the lane that takes the kids to their school.  I got behind my property marked in blue. 
Well behind my home is this darn steep straight up hill, where everyone tosses their leaves.
I was seen trying to make it up that hill.  Why I kept disappearing into the leaves and then reappearing at the bottom coming out of the leaves, the last time they never saw me come out and thought I was a goner.  So I decided to take the deer trail to the end of my street where there are no fences and only a slight hill.  Yep I was seen running up the sidewalk of my street and trying to get in my gate.  No luck there.  I had dug myself out of those leaves so I had to rest before I dug myself under my fence. 
I went up on my front porch to sleep under the mailbox by the front door and there I was found by one of my best buddies the mailman who always has treats in his back pocket for me.  Why he even put me in my fenced in yard and left a note in the box.  Yep I have gossipy neighbors there were three notes in all telling Lee and Janet about my escapade.  Gosh a dog can't get by with a thing.
And darn by the end of the day Janet came around my house to collect me from my back porch were I was patiently waiting for my Lee.  DAM HAD AGAIN.
Lee told me it was my responsibility to decorate for Christmas this year.  So I took the money Lee gave me and I bought this lovely cedar box arrangement and a red funky apple and a pummelo.  Also known as Chinese grapefruit, is considered the ancestor of the white, pink and ruby grapefruit. It's the largest of all citrus fruits, typically weighing 2 to 4 pounds. These ball-size fruits are used in rituals during Chinese New Year and are said to resemble a full moon. When ripe, the pummelo is pale green or yellow. Because of its sweet, mild taste and pleasant aroma, it's often used as a dessert, eaten raw, dipped in chocolate or sprinkled with salt.
Why the apple tree that made this apple with a funny hump on top had no quality control.
Then I decided I needed to make my blog look festive, so I gave it a new look.
Do you like my blog look?
Next time Lee will show you a picture of her Rehab Room view of Cincinnati. Wait till you see the view.  Oh and Lee is going to show you her great cards that she got from all of you and she has got to tell you about Daisy's wonderful offer.
 Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot


  1. Hey Sweet William and Lee!
    Wow, I am so incredibly thrilled that you are back together again! My whole pack has been sending love and POTP vibes to you both. OMD what an adventure you two have had. I adore the new look of your blog! I'm really happy to see a post from you!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  2. I do love your new blog look. And I really love that Lee is back home again. BUTT OMD!!!!!! That be quite an adventure you had there. Good thing you have so many furiends and good thing you found your way back home again. BUTT I hope Lee didn't hear about all this until after you were back, safe and sound. You wanna give your Mommy a heart attack too? I think you just gave my Mommy a heart attack!

    Anyway...glad things are getting back to normal again and you have your Lee back home again in time FUR Christmas.


  3. Wow, you made quite the trek to get back home! Maybe Disney will want to make a movie of your journey! We are glad to hear from you and that Lee is home with you!
    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. OH SWEET WILLIAM your LOVE and DEVOTION to your LEE is just OUTSTANDING and BEAUTIFUL... you KNEW if YOU got HOME She would ALSO. AND you were SO Correct..
    The story of How Hard you worked to Return to your BELOVED HOME makes Our EYES LEAK.
    Lee now SURELY KNOWS you much YOU LOVE HER.
    YOU are a BEAUTIFUL BOY... Outside and INSIDE.
    Your have the biggest HEART in all of Blogville.

  5. Oh William you are a true friend! I am so glad you are home with Lee again.

  6. oOh Sweet William we have MISSED you so MUCH and your momma, we were THRILLED when we saw your bloggy come up tonight ...so HAPPY that momma is even trying to type on her little kindle...it is hard....we are glad you made it safely back home our mom has lots of tears in her eyes....we are happy that Lee is home also....so very happy...if we lived closer we would come over and see you both!!
    stella rose and momma

  7. Wow, dat are quite an adventure. Glad ya wuz ok and dat Lee are back home wif ya.

    And your new blog look is cute!

  8. Whew SW...so glad you made that trip OK...and so happy that Lee is home....you take great care of her....with all this problems, that bond between you two has really grown......give Lee much Huggies an Kissies from all the mad Scots

    Your true pals
    Susie & Sidbite & Mickey
    The mad scots

  9. Oh Sweet William I can not believe how you got home and not lost. Then to find your friend on the way and to find your way out of the leaves and that hill just goes to show how much you love your Lee and wanted to go home to her. Missed you both,
    Your Friend, Bentley

    1. I am intelligent but I must admit that when Lee was well we walked that street all the time.
      Seasons Greeting to you Bentley & Galien.

  10. That sure was an adventure you went on. We are glad it ended well.

  11. Sweet William we are so glad your adventure came out OK and that you are now home with your Lee!
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  12. We are so glad u both are back home. That was quite an adventure following the arrows on the picture. I think we would have taken a nap at Crappys house along the way.

  13. OMD what an adventure you had Sweet William! I'm so glad you are both home it's the bestest Christmas present EVER!

    Aroo to you,

  14. Arroooooo, SWTS! I am so glad you are home SAFE and sound! I'm totally cracking up at your adventure. I love the fact part of your journey was caught on Crappy's camera. This seriously needs to go viral! My mom is impressed with your navigation skills and your super friendly mailman. You know this tale is going to be talked about for ages. Tell Lee we LOVE the vintage Scotties on your blog! Welcome home, Lee and SWTS!!! Janet is an amazing friend!

  15. OMD!!!! SWTS, you are one amazin' dude!!! I can't believes you survived such an adventure!!! Holy Crap! I am SO glads Crappy shared his foodables with you so you could finish your amazin' adventure! I don't thinks you could have made it otherwise!! I agree with Daisy, I thinks that video needs to go viral!! BOL
    Nows, I am so glads Janet came and got you before you got hungry agains...you know those treaties from the mailpeep would only sustain you for so long!
    I am so happy you and Lee are back homes togethers!!! This makes me SO HAPPY!! What a FABulous Christmas it's gonna be!!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I thinks I'm gonna send you a margarita for your wild adventure..you deserve it! ☺

  16. Crikey ....... that's what I call an adventure!! It's real good to have you and Lee back. We sure did miss you. Home for Christmas, aye?? It doesn't get much better than that.

  17. That was a HUGE adventure. We're glad that you knew the safe way home. We just wish Lee were there to meet you. But, at least she's there now. It was nice of Janet to take care of you....but home is best!

    We love your decorating.

  18. Dearest Sweet William, it has made our day here in Scotland, to see you return to Blogville and to have some word of Lee. What an adventurer you are. But perhaps we always knew you would go the extra mile to be back with Lee, even though we are sure you are being well cared for by Janet for the moment.
    Loads of love and hugs from across the Pond,
    Bertie and Gail.
    PS Love the new blog look. And still laughing at 'Crappy'!

  19. Sweet William it's soooo good to hear from you. Wow, what an adventure you had ! Luffs the new blog look.
    Take very good care of Lee and look after yourself. Lots of loves and hugs from us
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  20. OMD SW that is quite an adventure you had there. Dude you are quite the Houdini. Glad you are back together for Christmas. We are so pleased for you both. Lovin the new look. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  21. We are so happy that you and Lee are together again, William. Your blog looks beautiful!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  22. O M D!!! Sweet WIlliam! You are back and Lee is back and we are so Happy!! You gave mum shiny eyes with your story about how you HAD to get home, you missed Lee so much! Welcome home - your festive blog looks great!

    Edgar and his mum

  23. Oh dear Sweet William, bless your little heart...you just wanted to go home and what a smart guy you were. You knew just what to do and your a genius!! Jazzi would have been SUPER proud of you. Im so glad that you are back with Lee and hope that she is doing better. She has been in our thoughts and prayers.

    I LOVE your new blog look. I know we havent met but Im Oreo, the new dog on the block. Trying to keep Jazzis house under control.
    Hats off to you buddy!!!


  24. we are glad you are both finally home

  25. We're overjoyed that everyone's home together.

  26. Well all I can say is that you are one lucky dog! I've only gotten as far as the neighbors house and then I hear her cursing up a storm to get me to come back! Glad you are back in one piece!!!

  27. Dear Sweet William..we ha no idea mum was unwell..we feel pure awful :( ..but ti see that she is home before xmas with you is wonderful..but hooley dooley young man that was one heck of a trip you took...I bet all the peeps were going nuts with worry...I would have lost my tiny mind....but you are home you are safe and you and mum are together..makes my heart very happy :) much loves to all Fozziemum xx

  28. OH MY DAWGNESS!!!!!! This is better than fiction!!!! AND WHAT A HAPPY ENDING!!

    It's great to see you both again. We've been so worried. Kyla's been keeping us updated.


    Love to you both, Stu and the peeps

  29. Your story of trying to get home to Lee made mom's eyes leak. Goid heavens what an adventure. We are so glad Lee is back and you are back together in your own house. Big hugs to you both!!

  30. BowWowzer! What a wonderful, exciting tale you told. Glad you had the smarts not to get out in traffic. Also, isn't it nice to have such good, nosy neighbors?! Merry Christmas Sweet William & your family!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog & Hootie

  31. That was some wild adventure! Glad you made it home safe and sound :)


  32. How can I forget you DJ WILLIS? William I'm glad this adventure ended well. and I'm glad that you bought such wonderful things for christmas and even such a chinese dino-egg. I'm sure Lee will enjoy that thingy, even if it looks interesting, it is not really a tasty treat.
    Easy Rider

  33. So nice to see your sweet face! We hope Lee is doing well, and that you both have a wonderful Christmas! We are glad you are safely back at home with your Lee.

    Braeden, Seth and Riley

  34. I am so happy to see your face and so glad Lee is back with you where she belongs. That was quite a journey and now you can snuggle together and be loved.

    Loveys Sasha

  35. OMD! OMD!!! You're back! YOU'RE BACK! Oh, Sir William, I have missed you tremendously! I am so glad your grand adventure took around the town and home again so you and your Lee can be together. Kyla kept us updated on all your comings and goings but it is so good to hear it from YOU, my dear friend. I sure hope your Lee is feeling a bit better...I am sure your Scottish cuddles will make her feel SO much better. Oh so happy you two are together again.
    Cairn cuddles for you and your Lee

  36. Oh my gosh - what an adventure! I'm not sure our pups would have found our house or known not to cross busy streets. I love how folks saw you and recognized you. Hopefully Lee will be able to join you soon.

    Monty and Harlow

  37. Oh wow...that was an amazing adventure but we're sure glad you're safe.

    The Florida Furkids