Monday, June 22, 2015

Whitley Gave Me A Hickey & Will's Update

NO that is an inexactitude.
 I just teasing with you!  Whitley told me I could take the cookie.  Whitley it don't taste like a cookie to me!  Whitley gave me The Liebster Award.
So I got to thank her.  Thank You Muchly Whitley.

Rules, she say I have to follow the rules JEEZ!  Who is she kidding, why everybody know this scot and rules just go out the window unless they are the rules Lee has set for me.  Why it is always Wills do this, Wills do that, Wills stop, Wills come on, not now Wills, Wills leave the bathroom door shut!
Okie Dokie I will answer a few questions because Whitely asked nicely.
1. What are your favoritest treat?
 Decorated cake slices from Servatii's Bakery.  Oh I will sing and do a dance for a little cake in my bowl. 

 2. What are your favoritest toy?
Toy well I love Kong Toys and I don't destroy my toys, why I make them last and last.

 3.  Has ya ever killed anything?
I have deaded a mole and bitten a tail off of a squirrel.  Yep I still see him and I call him Stubby.  He stays out of my fenced in yard.

 4.  How barky is ya?  Quiet, medium, loud, or Whitley-level?
Barky only if I have something to bark about, other dogs on my property mostly.  Not at people or kids.

 5.  Do ya get scared of storms or does ya ignore em?
You kidding storms, fireworks nothing bothers me.  Well a meteor did pass over while I was going potty and light up the night sky and made a sonic boom.  I was shooting poopers and wizzing as I ran for the door, so I guess you could say that scared me shitless.

 6.  What are your favorite nap spot?
Why under the big bed of course.

 7.  Do ya like summer better or winter?
Makes no difference just as long as it is not raining or snowing.

 8.  Who are your favorite peep?
Only have one, sometimes she is my favorite other times I ignore her.

 9.  What are da furthest from home ya has ever been?
Lee does not travel anymore so I am her scot that never got to go nowhere.  WHAT! Why that sucks.

 10.  Do ya like baffs?
Yes I do.  Got one yesterday.

 11.  Do ya ever watch TV?
Depends on what's on the boob tube.  I prefer to read a good book with my reader students, like Pip's book. 
Okie Dokie my interrogation is over am I released on bond yet?

Now I am suppose to pass it along.  So I pick Military Wife & Pug Life because they are new to my blog and I want to know more about their lives.  They can answer the same questions I was asked. Oh and if they follow the rules they don't have to thank me, just don't hate me.  An take the Liebster cookie on the side of my blog.

Now I want to tell you about my reader student who hurt me.  Well the little boy has stopped three times since I last mentioned him.  The last time was to say goodbye school is out and they are leaving subsidized housing and Cincinnati.  Lee feels awful for the boy who is eight years old.  We first met him when he was six and had moved here with his grandparents from Appalachia.  The Appalachian Poverty Diane Sawyer Reported On.  Cincinnati had an influx of people from this area for awhile but sadly the Center of Appalachian Culture closed in 2014.
He did not know the alphabet nor how to write his name.  He never found anyone to fit in with.
Truly the one thing that Lee sees that may save this child is his imagination.  He could tell you the greatest stories of going to baseball games with his Dad who never was in the picture nor baseball games that never happened.
He did not ask to see me the last time only if he could have a picture and Lee always takes a picture of me with each kid we have tried to help.  Lee packed him a tote of things, giving him all 5 Sets of Phonetic Reading Cards which cost us a lot of money and three early reader books and our picture together.  Lee also put in five preaddressed envelopes with notepaper and crayon with forever stamps and told him to try and write us and promised we would write him back and send pictures.  He hugged Lee around the neck so tightly and left with his tote only looking back when he got to the top of our street.
Sadly I did not say goodbye.  I know Lee is very sad and I have been sticking by her ever since he left.
The vet said last Monday I am healed and I will not need surgery at this time.

I cannot face looking at you because I have been bad this morning and I broke Lee's camera.  Lee cannot get the lens to open.  Our camera is broken because of me.
Thanks for being a  friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of  mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The  Scot 


  1. Oh Sweet William, congratulations on the award and thank you so much for telling us the story of the reader student. Lee has done such a wonderful thing, trying her best to help him, even though he hurt you. But what a relief that you are better now and won't be needing surgery. Hip hip, hooray!
    Toodle pip!

  2. Yay I'm excited to do this. My mommy has been nominated for this award before! Now I get to talk about me MaddiethePug. Thank you fur-iend for thinking of me!! XOXO

  3. You sound very much like Angel Pip he wasn't bothered by storms, only barked when necessary, too.

    I am glad you don't need surgery. I do so sad for the boy, I hope he will be ok and remember the kindness you and Lee showed him

  4. I am so very happy that you do not need surgery. AARRROOO for that. But it is very sad about the little boy and his lost of love of Sweet William. My heart goes out to him and Sweet William. I hope he keeps in touch with Lee and Sweet William. I can not believe that you broke Lee's camera. It must be because you are such a Good Looking Scottie.
    Your friend,

    1. No it is because I headbutted the lens straight on while Lee was taking my picture. The camera is kaput broken and useless. I am bad!

    2. I fly must have gotten on your tail and you ended up with a sore head after the camera hit you when you moved forward because of the surprise of the fly on your tail.
      Sweet William can do no wrong in by book.

  5. great hearing info all about you. We are doing a happy dance that you don't need surgery. So sad that little boy is moving on.....hope he finds someone as helpful as you and Lee in his new home.

  6. you deserved an award and we loved finding out what you like and don't like :)

  7. Sooo glad you don't had to have the surgeries, that is very good news. You and Lee deserve lots of luffs and hugs fur what you've done to help that little boy, paws crossed fur his future
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. CONGRATULATIONS on the AWARD... you did an EGG
    Salant Job with the questions...
    OMD we are sad that the boy is leaving... it was nice of Lee to make that pack fur him to have... VERY thoughtful indeed..
    OMD We are doing PAW SPRINGS over the NO SURGERY NEEDED..
    And Sorry that you got BUSTED fur BUSTING the Flashy Beast...

  9. Dear Sweet William, it was so nice of Lee to send that tote with the boy, we are sure he is so sorry for what happened. Hope he keeps in touch. We are happy that you do not need surgery.
    We enjoyed reading your answers! Mabel is going to be posting her answers soon
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. Hi William,
    Mommy and I love your blog with all the scottie background. You and and your Lee are so kind to give the little human boy some pressies. Mommy used to be a teacher, and she used to teach small humans reading things. I think that's how I learned to like books.That's great you don't have to go to the dogtor for surgies. That sounds scary. Your award is pretty. I don't think your Lee will be to upset about the flashie beast, as she loves you more than the flashie beast.
    Sally Ann

  11. Glad to hear ya is not gonna need da surgery. And fanks for answerin my questuns, I luvs learnin more bout my pals.

  12. SO glad you won't be needing the surgicals, William. If you ever write to that boy tell him we say "hi" from California. Oh, and congrats on your awardification!!

    -Ruby and Otto

  13. No Surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I got an Over and an Easy ~ yep two little blue eggs in the one hanging basket that I did not put fake eggs in.

  14. We thought that was really nice to give the boy those envelopes and stamps and crayons and stuff.

    We r also glad u dont need surgery.

    I think everyone would react just the same way u did if they were in the middle of going potty and a sonic boom from a meteor hit. Run and take cover!

  15. We are so glad to hear you don't need surgery. It's always nice to learn more about our friends.

  16. Wow, I am now completely edumacated in the affurs of Sweet William the Scot!
    Oops! Did you 'pawlogize when you broke Lee's camera?? My uncle broke my Opa's Leica Camera way way back in about 1887, no wait, I think it was more like 1962-ish...he was rather um...lets just say he was not happy, BOL! (But he made a note to himself not to leave any future camera in reach of a 5 year old...)

    Glad the vet man declared you healed. Pawsome!

    So sad about that little boy. I do hope he sends you something in one or all of those envelops:)

    And this as a reminder to my dogretary that I too am supposed to eat a cookie from Whitley's Liebster Cookie Jar! Sheesh, its just that I am held hostage by her working hours and her supposedly necessary chores...oh well...Woofs! Have a great week, bark at the storms if you get any, and stay away from meteors...

  17. Oh you shared a lot of news William. Furst: Congrats to your award, you got a piece of a suirrel tail? pawsome you can wear it on a hat :o) I feel a little sorry for this boy with you and your Lee... and I wish him all the best and maybe he will write you some lines or he will draw a picture for you...
    You killed the cam? Wow buddy that's a problem, specially when you need it for your blog... hope there is a way to fix that lens-thingy and you can tell me more interesting things about your Cincinnati soon :o)
    easy rider

  18. Congratulations on your award, William, and this is wonderful news that you don't need surgery! How sad about this little boy.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  19. Thank you for sharing that info about you Sweet Will, we did not know some of those things, we fink you and your mom were bright stars in that little boys life, and ones that he will always look into the heavens for when life gets tough, we hope he meets many more like you in his travels, and each an everyone of you help shape his life in a positive way. We are sorry about your moms lens, we think someone must have pushed you, do you have ghosts?
    stella rose

  20. Oh no, a broken camera lens and a goodbye? It isn't a good day there. Maybe both you and Lee can go and enjoy a piece of cake together? I am super glad you don't need surgery too.

  21. Oh SW and Lee, our heart just breaks for that little boy. Do you know where he and his grandparents are moving to? Mom says kids like this are what often made teaching, for her, both rewarding and very difficult. We can only pray that he is going to be ok.
    We are sorry to hear about your camera Lee, we hope that you will be able to get it fixed.
    Now let's end on a happy note - we are SO happy to hear that you won't be needing surgery SW. That is good news indeed.
    Sending you both BIG licks & much love,
    Wally & Sammy

    1. Meemaw and Papaw were going back to Meemaw's home is what he said. Which sadly is coal mine land in Appalachia.

    2. We will keep him in our prayers.
      W & S

  22. Well now, Sir William, who wouldn't love learning all those thingies about you from that interrogation?!? I surely did...and am surprised you like baths. Ugh! Really? Oh, how said about your little reader boy. I sure do wish you would have been able to say goodbye to him...I bet he was just as upset as Lee. The poor thing. I am glad you butt is better and that you will NOT need surgery. I knew all that POTP we were sending would work!
    Your friend...until the end...

  23. Sw. William thank you for the update on the little boy. I thank your Lee did a very kind and wonderful thing to fix the boy a going away gift. Knowing that she has forgiven him is a big thing for an 8 year old. He will carry Lee's kindness in his heart for many years.
    We are so glad to know that you have healed and quite frankly I would probably not want to see the little boy either...
    Oh dear we hope maybe the camera might just need a rest then it will work. Once Mom's lens got kinda lazy too.
    Hugs Madi your itty bitty kitty friend
    PS we love your bag pipes

  24. HI Sweet William, I can't wait for us to be pals. I am glad your booboo is better. I am sorry about the flashy beast, but maybe you will get some rest while it is getting better.

    Ziggy Out!!

  25. So glad ya duzn't need surgery, Sweet William...

    Whut kinda camera did Lee have da a lil head butt could kills it??

    Hope she isn't too irrimatated wiff ya....

    1. And I sure did like learnin' all dose new thangs 'bout ya!