Monday, November 2, 2015

The Ship That Won The War

The LST 325 docked at the public landing, bringing with it living history to the Cincinnati riverfront.  I, Sweet William The Scot, am going to give you a tour. 
They call them "The ship that won the war".
 LST 325 could carry as many as 20 Sherman Tanks into combat, and saw action at both Sicily and Normandy.  It is a  2,300-ton ship.
The World War II-era landing craft delivered men and equipment to the beaches of Normandy during the D-Day invasions and liberation of Europe.
Of the over 6,000 ships that served in the D-Day landings, the LST 325 is one of the last remaining sea-worthy vessels.

It serviced in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.
70% of these vessels were built on the Ohio and Illinois Rivers.  The largest ship ever designed to place tanks, troops and cargo onto hostile beaches then retract off.
They told me to go to the aft end of tank deck keep left and take the starboard ladder up.  Okie Dokie Lee I need to ride on your back so you can hold onto the ladder.
For $20 you can have a one year Memorial Membership.

The Bulkheads are the walls or sides of the ship.
On the 2nd deck is the Galley original to WWII, the kitchen, where you get your grub!  Sorry some of our pictures are fuzzy because of close quarters 
Ship's Office and Post Office.
I thought I was suppose to yell YEOMAN for service.
A yeoman is a petty officer in the US Navy or Coast Guard performing clerical duties on board ship.
Hatches are the doors. 
So much lingo to learn.
 This is one of the crew.  A real true super nice man. The ship has 53 crewmen that sail with it today. He stopped me and wanted to compare beards.  His beard won!
He wanted to keep me. They say most of the ships had a dog.  Yep we are good for raising the spirits of humans.  Cincinnati News was doing a video the day we were there.  This man is in the video.
 We took the Upper Ladder to 01 Level.
Note to self ~ when on Lee's back duck head when we go through a hatch.  I got a knot on my noodle from the last hatch.
 On this level are the 40mm gun mounts. 
 A big barge passed by and you could not feel the water current because this ship weighs so much.
 Through this window you can see the wheelhouse where the ship is controlled.
The Combat Information Center and Radio Room are just aft of wheelhouse.
I could hear Morse code and I kept turning my ears but Lee has not taught me to read Morse.
 Well you can see the main deck.  This was where trucks, artillery, supplies are carried.  The helicopter pad, not original for WWII but used in Korea and Vietnam.
 A Passageway is a hallway. They call this Officer's Country. Usually 10-12 officers and room for 8 Marine or Army Officers.
Captain's Quarters.  He had a small office, separate bunk room and head (toilet).
Main Deck. Good to be out in the air again.
 The covered hatch, is a fully operational forward elevator that brings equipment up and down.
 Now that we have gotten all the way to the top deck we go down another way.
 This is a true Mash Jeep used in Korea. I wonder if this jeep was the one "Radar" O’Reilly sent home in pieces.
 Troop Berthing.  This ship could hold up to 200 troops for long distance.  These bunks are as they were in 1942.  Darn hard bed if you ask me.
 Well it is time to disembark. 
It took us three hours to tour this boat. 
I was the perfect dog, greeting everybody who acknowledged me and minding my manners, no fear in me for new adventures.
 The tour cost $10 and dogs are welcome.
 Thanks for being a  friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of  mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot

Pssssssss ~ If you wonder how Lee carries me, well I have a boba wrap carrier.  It has a hook so it goes over either one of Lee's shoulders and then it ties around her waist evenly distributes weight for comfort and longer carrying time. She has used it for all her Scotties.
I was going to show a picture of Lee's knee.  Lee had her surgery on the 20th.  But it kind of made us sick when we looked at it loaded on my blog.  Maybe next time after it heals some.


  1. Wow you sure get to go on lots of fun adventures!! Hope Lee is feeling better. Xxoo

  2. We are sure glad you're posting again. Thanks for taking us on the tour with you.
    Speedy healing Lee!

  3. That ship has been around a long time and has seen a lot of action. What a terrific tour. Sure wish we had good stuff like that around here to see.

    Hugs to you and to Lee!

  4. Wow, what an exciting tour! I bet you'd do grreat as an official ship's dog.

  5. Oh wow William, what a great place to visit, so interesting and full of history. I finks its just pawsome they not only let dogs on board butt they haf a ships dog as well!!!! Just as it should be!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Hope Lee is feeling better after her op, take care

  6. William thanks for this great tour. that was super interesting... and I'm glad that the ship is still there and that this men take good care for that ship what saw so much things... I wish it could talk... Can ships be heroes? If then this one is a hero... and I'm glad you were there and we all could say hello to this fabulous ship.

  7. Tell the truth, did you invade Cincinnati by sea?

  8. We think they should make you Captain William - that was a pawsome tour !

  9. I am glad you explained about Lee carrying you around in the boba wrap. What a great idea because I was wondering how you got up that ladder. Would love to see a picture of you in the wrap. You have so many interesting sights around your city. Thanks for the tour.

    1. Hi Bentley I will have to remember sometime to take a picture for you. We don't use it often but it is handy when you know you will be climbing places.

  10. Hari OM
    OH that was just grand!!! Thanks for taking us along with you SW... hugs and wgas, YAM-aunty xxx

  11. I saw that Ship as I was going for the Big Mac Bridge. I did a tour in the Middle East, didn't have that in the desert where I was. SWTS I hope you are taking good care of Lee.

    1. I meant to say going over the Big Mac Bridge.

  12. Sweet William, you are a wonderful tour guide. And such mastery of all that difficult nautical jargon. And really, it was a close run thing in the beard contest.
    Toodle pip!

  13. Oh Sweet Will we loved that tour, did you know Radar is from a town called Ottumwa which is only an hour from us now, and about 10 min. from where my mom grew up, we sure hope Lee's knee is doing better, hugs a bunch from all of us..........stella rose

  14. That was an exciting day out and visit. Thanks for taking us along.

  15. Now that was a wonderful tour, thank you. It is great that you get to go along. We were just thinking of you and Lee this morning, wondering how Lee's knee was healing and then here you are!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  16. Loved this tour!! Mom even showed some of her buddies at work cause they are war ship enthusiast.

    Aroo to you,

  17. It is so cool that they allowed you on the ship. A tip of the tail to all who served

  18. What a cool tour you gave us, William
    You do get to enjoy so many neat things.

    Eons ago when I wasn't yet 'invented', my unfurbros and growlmy were in a submarine, permanently berthed as a museum in Toronto Harbour. There sure were a lot of ladders and hatches. We saw another kind of ship at Westpoint once too, there is a naval museum there and we could into that ship as well. I was not welcome, even though as a wee pup back then, I could have fit in pawppy's pocket, BOL!
    Those military vessels are furry intriguing and good teaching tools fur young uns as well as our older peeps.
    (Auntie who will be 96 this week, was in her 70's when she took my unfurs into that submarine!)

    I sure hope that Lee is improving by leaps and bounds...sorry about that pun...BOL! Growlmy tells some of her residents that soon they will be dancing again...she works with peeps that have joint replacements, as our nursing home also has a rehab area.


  19. Sweet William you are so smart and we always learn something from you when we visit. What an exciting day. Please give Lee a lick from me and I am crossing paws that she is getting better.

    Ziggy OUt!!

  20. Thanks for the fantastic tour!!!! Looking good my friend! Hope Lee's knee is feeling better by the day!

  21. Ringy-Dingy-One, that tour sure looks fun! You got to see everything on that ship. Why Ma's daddy was a Marine and he was stationed on a ship for a short time during Vietnam. I would love to visit a museum like much history right there in the walls and halls. Well, my friend, I am glad you and your Lee got your bloggie working again. I was definitely missing you!

  22. That's the coolest day ever visiting that ginormous boat
    Lily & Edward