Monday, January 4, 2016

Sweet William The Scot Genealogy Search

My official Christmas photo that will probably only happen once in my life.  It cost money to look like this and my piggy doesn't rattle now.
Lee set me up as a follower of another Scottie and they responded back that "they were not going to follow us as I was not as handsome as Stuart or Sparhawk and they did not like Scotties that  sadly misrepresented the breed".
"Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)"
Last year Lee said she was going to get DNA Kits for both of us. 
When my kit came from the vet it had two small brushes like what a women uses to apply mascara.  One for each side of my inside cheeks. Not my bum cheeks!  Lee scraped the inside of my mouth and put the brushes
in tubes that were then sealed tight till they popped and a liquid immerged then off the kit went in the pre addressed and paid for box.
The results kind of surprised us ~ as you do not list your breed.
Well the test showed I am like 95% Scottish Terrier 3% Wild Dog and 2% Dog.  Every dog carries wild dog genes and not determined dog genes from when they began.
Then we got my AKC Pedigree back as far as it went.
On my mothers side it went back to July 27, 1885.  My fourth great grandfather was
 AM CH Anstamm Venture On ROMS. With seventy one champs in that line.
On the other side were champs champs and more champs back to 1889.
But you know what all those fancy dancy genes landed in a puppy mill. 
Yep this is how my mother was kept.  Tied to her crate by a bungee cord left to have her pups in the dirt without a birthing crate.  My father was chained to his crate, we will spare you that picture.
The pictures were hard to get so pardon the poor quality.
Lee did not get me there.  From there I was taken to a nice house in Cincinnati and shown as their puppies.
On my first set of AKC Papers my grandfather and great grandfather we noticed a DNA # check and inquired.  Which set us on a search to my truth.
Seems the AKC had been watching how much breeding these dogs had done.
Well long story shorten the puppy mill can no longer license dogs with the AKC and the County SPCA took away the dogs because my Lee took a stand.  Yep Lee takes a stand when she gets unrefuted evidence.
Oh an it is O.K. if you tell me I misrepresent the breed, I will still lick your hand, be in the Van Andel Institute study to help dogs live longer healthier lives and give my blood to the vet when they have had an emergency because I live close by and can get there fast.
My friend Nessa Noodledog is in the Van Andel study also.
The Daily Pip is doing a series called The Specials.  Featuring the stories of successful special needs adoptions.  Ku·dos to those who open their hearts to those that misrepresent the breed.
Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of  mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot

PS ~ Lee did her DNA  ~two test ~ to be sure and she got a whopping surprise.  She represents a small percent of the population in the world in that her DNA is not mixed from all over but her ethnicity is made up of only Scandinavia and Great Britain.

We wanted this year to take you on more Nati City Christmas Traditions.
Like the Reindog Parade on Dec. 12th.
Seems we have been having a nasty gremlin who has taken up residence this Christmas.


  1. For Heaven's Sake! What a load of rubbish. Makes us sad to think that fellow Scottie people would say that to you! We hope that gremlin leaves soon because we would like to hear about the Reindog Parade!

    Edgar and his mum

  2. We like you just fur being you! You are pawsome!

  3. Oh but Sweet William, what sort of nonsense is this? You are so obviously a simply splendid example of your breed! Not only handsome, but engaging, caring, the warmest of friends, brave, adventurous, full of character, entertaining, and the best ever guide to Nati City. In fact you are altogether one of the very finest dogs around in every way, and anyone who says otherwise will have this terrier from Scotland to answer to!
    Toodle pip!

  4. What a rude person to say that to you. Wow we would have no followers if we were expectd to look like show pugs. But we are happy loved pugs with wonderful friends like you!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. Quality and Beauty are in the eye of the beholder... and WE Be HOLDIN You as our FUREND... THAT is what counts... Right?
    Who cares about the silly stuffs... it is FURENDSHIP that Matters... and LOVE!!
    YOUR FURENDS Know and LOVE you and THAT is just how it is...

    1. Honestly Frankie we were more interested in doing the DNA Kits and closing a puppy mill than in the e-mail we got. Isn't horrid to think my birth took place in the dirt. I don't think I even got stable.

  6. Don't think we'd like peeps like that! We're not your show scotties either. We're racing, wrestling, mud-in-your furs type of scotties! And we think you are handsome even without the expensive groom.

  7. Sigh ...I'm not even going to comment on such cruel and insensitive nonsense. You are right, whatever will be will be. If it is any consolation, whenever I post a picture of our cat Rosie someone always makes a mean comment about her ears. They are a bit odd, but that's because she was a stray and they were frostbitten from living outside.

    Seeing the picture of your mom is so sad so many of our fellow creatures are treated so cruelly. It's heartbreaking.

    Thank you for the shout out about The Specials. This is one of the reasons I'm sharing these stories. Hopefully, together we can open a few minds. XOXO

  8. We checked into Kaci's lineage. It's the same as Kali's since they're identical twins. Kaci had a mother and a father. Kaci's mom had a mother and a father. So did Kaci's dad. We didn't have to pay for that DNA test-(Do Not Ask test).

  9. Sweet William I finks you is a MOST handsome pup!!!
    Don't you go listening to …how did Pip put it….cruel insensitive nonsense. Yous a wonderful furfriend and a very special fella to us all!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Well sadly I was born in a puppy mill. For such humble beginnings I guess I am doing O.K. Why I even know a Princess.

  10. Their loss - not yours. We have been on the receiving end of nasty comments too - even though we are both AKC registered and have all our papers - we are not accepted because we are white and that is not a breed recognized color in this country. We just woof at them and says if that is all you have to complain about - it is sad world you live in :)

  11. Holee Mac-A-Roni! See, are a real Scottish gentleman! {wink} Quite impressive! And...wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  12. Wow, you've got a very pristine DNA! Momma is going to finally do a DNA test on me to figure out what I've got other than boxer!

  13. I bet the the Scottie people who look down their nose does not have such a GREAT Trained Boy like SWTS. He works with kids and loves everyone. Glad you where able to shut down the Puppy Mill But AKC should have been on top of this before you took a stand. We Love you SWTS.

  14. All that matter is that we are loved and you are very well loved. The entire world is becoming mixed together as one. We think that is special. We are all part of one breed. The loved

  15. You're shittin' me, screw the haughty taughty blogger. In my books you are a top-notch Scot!

    Aroo to you,

  16. What the Pug!!! That person must have had a teeny tiny heart cos we fink you are #1 in our book, in fact you know how our gussie (angus) often pretends he is a scottie just like you and sully and dui and our other friends, and yes, we also started off in a lowly awful puppy mill but at least we were kept in a cage, we feel so sorry for your sweet momma. I am glad Lee put on her superwoman cape and shut that damned place down. You are loved by all of blogville william and that is what matters....stellie rose

  17. Awww...shucks, SWTS!
    You are a most fine rep of your breed...if pawppy who had a dad who raised them said so then you are and you do! And the first time he saw a piccie of you he right away said 'Awww, look a Scottie!'

    And only a noble pup like you could raise himself out of that mire you had to be born in...nuff said.

    I am glad that puppy mill was stopped. Grr to them.
    Are the mom and daddy dogs OK?

    Happy New Year!!

    1. My Mommy was put into rescue. We inquired to get her but they said it probably would not work out my being male and a sibling. We heard she got a home. Sadly my father we were told was to vicious and the last we heard was in a shelter. We never inquired again after hearing that. It made us just down right sad.

    2. Nice to know that your doggy mom has a home now. Yes it is so sad about your doggy dad.
      I am so glad *you* were rescued from there!!

  18. Oh Sweet William, how silly and shallow of that other Scottie! All four of the Girls have papers and Mom gets questioned about them all because Mazie is "so big and gold" and the Puffs don't have the long flowing hair because Mom won't put them through the hassle plus "who cares?" You are one of the most special Scotty's we know and we luvs you for it! We are blessed to be your friends and to heck with those to shallow to only care about appearance and not substance!
    Luv You and wishing you a blessed and wonderful 2016!
    Marty, Mom and the Gang

  19. You, not handsome???? What da woof??? Wuz dey blind??? You is one good-lookin Scot!

  20. OK - those crazy blogger people are not the kind to appreciate a scottie let alone have one! We think it's so cool to have your DNA done and know both of your ancestry! No surprise to us about your scottie-awesomeness. The picture of your mom tugged at our heart. We hope she her fur-ever home adored and pampered her and that your dad was placed in a home where he could be loved.
    It does make us happy to hear people like that get the dogs taken away. We just don't understand how they can be that way!

  21. Hari OM
    OMD.... am not even gonna tell you what I think of such behaviours; I love that Lee got you tested - that is way more decisive than papers anyway, which can mostly be forged. In fact, I am surprsied that a puppy 'mill' even went to the bother of actually registering; here in UK there has been a case where 'rego papers' were being provided but, of course, were bogus. Oh I wish there was a ban on selling animals via the internet - which is the biggest provider of mill puppies.

    I am so very very glad that Lee got you SW and that at least your mother found some relief from that horror.

    Big Love hugs and wags, to you, YAM-aunty xxx

  22. Sir William, who is the fool that said they will not follow you because you are not as handsome and misrepresent the breed?!? That person is a pedigree snob! Why, I am mostly Cairn Terrier but I am mixed with something else, as evidenced by my floppy, not perky, ears. Ma still loves me just the same. Gosh dang those people who say such mean things. To us, you are SIR William...a representation of your gentle-hearted, royal personality.
    Your pal,

  23. We think you are perfect just the way you are. It's a great thing Lee did what she could to stop the puppy mill.

  24. OMD, SW, you are the most splendid example of a Scottie I can imagine!! Pawfect in every way! I would flip the bird (sorry Kismet) to whoever said such a thingie! I am so glads your Moms got that puppymill shut down..that is horrid!!! You knows, i would be considered totally flawed because of my ears! wells..and all my margaritas, butts mostly my ears! I say pffffffffffffft! It's the imperfections that are the true beauty in life.
    Ruby ♥

  25. Wow Sweet William! That is all very interesting! And we are glad Lee took a stand! My goodness, your poor mom and dad! You are beautiful and I think you represent the breed perfectly!