Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How Do You Measure A Hero

Several of you have asked don't we have a new computer yet!
Well we do.  We have just been sad for our city and not going places and not feeling like continuing our story about the Freedom Trail which we had started in November.

We had an incident with a man before Christmas who was banishing women with preaching repeal their right to vote and women should not be working etc. etc.  We jaywalked across the street to avoid eye contact but three hours later on the way back to our car I got assaulted.  I have been pretty beat up and sore. One picture of my backside my whole left bum still bruised.

Wills was my hero ~ I had Will's breakaway collar on.  When I was kicked to the ground I let go of his leash.  Will went under our car.  I could see him pulling on his leash to get it free from under our tire where it was caught but Will lunged forward when the man kicked me a second time and his collar released him. 
Will tore the guys sweat pants to the knee and when he grabbed for Will, well Will ran either under or around our car.  When the jerk was pulling my hair Will was back in the mix. Will got hold of his puffer down jacket sleeve pulling and tugging and tore it open up to the shoulder. Every time I got kicked Will was back again trying his bestest to get him off me. Four nasty bruises in all one in the face.
My darn vertigo was keeping me from getting up fast but I stumbled forward knocking the jerk to the ground.   Will got on his back where he could not reach him and tore the back of his jacket like a stuffie. Feather down was coming out everywhere. Will was yanking on the collar of his jacket.
I found my keys in my hand and falling forward with all my weight inflicted some damage to his junk!  I rammed my funky long old house keys into his junk and twisted, he screamed.  I shoved myself back and got away at that point.
When I yelled "Will car" I looked back and the guys head looked like a bobble head with Will pulling on the collar of his jacket.  The jerk was crying and trying to touch his junk but I think it might have been to painful.
Wills came flying jump in the car over to the back seat and into his crate and grunted like well I took care of that piece of crap.
We have no idea why he attacked us.  We had no verbal contact with him whatsoever.
My only thought was we were carrying books and maybe a women being educated does not fit his mindset either.

We had men wearing Trump hats sitting in at meeting at our libraries (it was on the national news) with holstered guns. I don't even like acknowledging them here but if you listen to the video one says guns facilitate conversation.  I doubt if any who died in gun violence would agree with that statement.  They say they were at the library to monitor people.  Who appointed them the monitors?
Oh they appointed themselves!
We are not going for our reader students anymore.

Then yesterday the beautiful big old high school where I went was painted with racial slurs and swastikas.
This has never happened in its history which opened in 1919.

This is not a place I recognize anymore.

So in ending I would just say hug your dog more. 
A pet is a part of a human being's life, but a human being is a pet's entire life.

Lee & Sweet William The Scot


  1. This is heartbreaking, did you press charges, did anyone other than S.W. come to your aid? I am so thankful you and S.W. are okay. What the hell is going on in this world so much meanness/madness. So glad S.W. was there to help you but we already knew he was a hero. I am also glad y'all got a computer and back to blogging again.

    Aroo to you,

  2. Sweet William is definitely a hero. What a shocking thing to read your account of this attack. We are crossing our paws that you continue to heal both your body and your mind. It's understandable how you feel about your city right now. We all know Blogville is a place where we can all come together and love each other. Sending much love to both you and Sweet William.

  3. I am so very sorry that you have been hurt and so very thankful that Sweet William was there for you. This world seems to be coming apart and I am not sure that we will ever get back to a normal again. There is no reason for such hate in this Country. I am very glad that you could show his JUNK the same treatment that he was show you. With Luck he will not be able to use his JUNK anymore.

  4. Holy crap!! So heartbreaking
    Lily & Edward

  5. Oh Lee I am sending you lots and lots of luffs and hugs and William, you are a STAR fella, well done on protecting Lee
    I hope you get better quickly
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. Oh Will, my tears are running... who is such a cruelty creature that he can attack your Lee? What a monster you met... and you were THE BRAVEHEART that day, that's for sure... Hugs to you both and POTP and once this idiot and all others who love violence and brute force have to pay for all they did.y..

  7. OMD we are SO Sorry that this happened to YOU and PROUD of our Sweet William.
    So did this IDIOT spend time in Jail for assaulting you? WE certainly HOPE SO.

    1. A first offense of simple assault without any sentencing enhancements might only get you probation, a fine, and/or community service. And they have to be caught first. Simple misdemeanor assault on a female can get you up to 120 days.
      Judge Frankie needs to take the bench.

  8. Oh Lee, the is all horrible news. (Except for Sweet Wiiliam's heroics of course). Sending lots of love and healing hugs.
    Gail and Bertie.

  9. Sweet William, you are a hero. I's so sorry for all da bad stuff happening. Sending bigs hugs and westie kisses.

  10. Dat's horrible... me and Brinley send westie kissies. Sweet William, you are our hero!

    Momma sends big hugs to your Lee... She's seen all kinda people-- some she knows-- sayin' dat women didn't need to march... dey has der rights, nobuddy's takin' 'em away. Well, der are monsters who wants to. So sorry you ran into one.

    1. We have a truck driving around with signs saying repeal women's right to vote and flying the confederate flag and the Ohio state flag. Lee's grandmother was a suffragette. My grandfather would lock her in the second floor bedroom with just her slip on so she could not march ~ but a friend would come with a ladder and dress in her buggy when he went to work. It is like living in some sort of time warp.

    2. That's horrible. Unfortunately, some are feeling emboldened in their awful behavior because of who is now President. It's as if all filters are off.

  11. Just as upsetting as the first time we heard this. SW is such a hero and you as well. Admire your defence! Hope he is caught.

  12. That's scary....sending POTP to your mom, William.

  13. OMD! What a horrible experience for you and William! We are sending lot of healing vibes and AireZen to you both♥

  14. Crikey sweet William .... You're a hero, mate! Such bravery. I'm proud to be your friend. Poor Lee. What a terrible experience. Who are these people? Who do they think they are? We love your country and hate to think these things can happen. Dear Lee .... Our love to you and to you too sweet William!

  15. Hari om
    OMD...words fail me. This is 'America the great???' POTP x 87 and a huge ether medal to SW. More from me when I return from India and have a proper keyboard again. Sending Love Love Love. YAMxx

  16. OhNO!! this is just horrible. We are so so sorry this happened. lots of pug hugs for you and Sweet William you are a Hero fur sure.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  17. Sweet William is a hero! It is awful what you and SW went through. From a distance (New Zealand) it is really hard to comprehend what is currently happening in your country as the media is so negative and biased (I guess headlines sell and the good news doesn’t) but one thing that is constant and should not be lost is hope - the hope that good will overcome bad, so please don’t let your own world shrink because of people like the **** who attached you. Don’t let him (or others like him who were at your library) win. As your bruises fade, expand your (and SW’s) boundaries just a little bit every day so you get back to living the good life you and all those living in your country deserve, and when you are ready, we look forward to reading about the Freedom Trail.

  18. Lee, I am so sorry that you were assaulted. It is heartbreaking to see what is happening in our wonderful country. Hug William for being so brave to help you. I hope that mans junk gets infected. Prayers that you heal quickly!

  19. If you're not safe in WKRPland, where are you safe? Get better and kudos to SW.

  20. OMD!!!!!!! OMD!!!!! OMD!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVES THIS!!!! Ma had to close this out and come back, cause she was so upset. I am SO sorry this horrible assault happened to you. I can't even begin to imagine how terrifying that must have been. If it wasn't for THE BRAVE AND HEROIC Sweet William, I just don't know....
    I know you loves your City so very much, it is truly a beautiful City. I hope you and the other good people can weed out these horrible bullies, and have it be for THE PEOPLE again. So many horrible things have been happening, as these no good scum think they can do what they want at will. I've heard so many say that they don't have to 'be politically correct' anymore. Wow. That was news to me, that being openly racist and violent was just NOT being politically correct! insanity! Well, over 3 Million women told them otherwise!!!! ☺
    Sweet William...you ROCK DUDE! You are most certainly the most Brave doggie I have ever met! I bow to you Sir....and gives you 87 margaritas, and 87 cookies and whatever else you BRAVEHEART desires! (wells...NOT THAT!!!! I don't thinks Murphy would approve!!! BOL!!!!! BOL!!!!)
    You gives Lee lots of slobbery kisses and {{{hugs}}}} from me, k?
    Ruby ♥
    (and Ma ♥)

  21. Nobody regardless of their political views has any right to do something like that. This is horrible and makes my peeps ashamed to be American..well my pawppy, cause petcretary is Canadian of course.
    Evil is and always will be evil.

    I am so sorry you encountered the evil like that.
    I just do not have words to help, its just unbelievable.

    I hope your body heals, but for sure I hope your spirit will not allow itself to be crushed and beleagured like that...because then evil will win.

    SW you truly are a huge hero! And I am glad you both were able to get safely away from there to your home and solace.

    Licks and aroos!
    And my kitty brofurs send some big purrs.

    ((((( ♥ )))))

  22. O dear Lee I am so sorry this happened.
    My heart aches for your pain.
    Linda and Astro

  23. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry I am only just now reading this. What a horrible ordeal. I am so sorry and sending you all kinds of love and support. William is my hero - a true superhero and I salute him.

  24. Oh Lee and Will! How terrifying!! Will you are a hero, but your mom did pretty good for herself too. I hope the guy was arrested and charged and convicted and is in jail now!!