Monday, May 1, 2017

Brown Balls

I, Sweet William The Scot, saw them.  Lee came home with big brown balls for me.
Not one brown ball
Two brown balls.
What the heck Lee buried my brown balls in this big pot and bag of potting soil she came home with.
How am I ever going to reach them.
I want the brown balls.

Lee keeps saying brown BULBS but I hear BALLS.
Lee's Great Grandmother grew the plant in her yard.
Do you know what it is??
Lookie what we saw in our travels.  Lee says maybe that is for us.  Pack a few things that we cherish and hit the open road and let the taxes eat up the house then the city would foreclose and any extra money they got at auction they could mail us or not.  But our home is paid for.  So maybe we should take out a home improvement loan and walk away from that also.  Two people on the street have.  Lee has never walked away from anything her whole life.  But her frustration level is boiling!

A person bought the "I Love You More House".
And she came to our door, which our friend Janet answered, and did an interrogation loudly of us (other neighbors heard).  Accused Lee of sending them information regarding zoning then stated "there were ways around the law"Now don't you love that.  We were totally out of the loop.  Well the loop is running a commercial business on property zoned residential.

  Well Lee's hair stylist is getting her a sign to hang by our doorbell which reads
"If You Cannot Be a Rainbow
F*** Off"
It is a shame that the F word is the only word some of society understand.
That would have gone lovely with the Love The Neighbor Sign that we had in the front yard that was stolen.
I, Sweet William The Scot, think Puddles' neighbors moved here.

Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true
And your a friend of mine
Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot
When Lee said she had rode her grandmother's horse over at the Indiana State Park where the BAR was we got called out for not showing Lee and told it was probably a lie.  Well here Lee is on her first pony ~ we have been going through a lot of pictures since doing our Ancestry work.  Lee is four in this picture yep hit the saddle early.

Since Lee's mother had Schizophrenia and always blamed Lee in her fits it is hard for Lee when she is accused of doing things she has not done and now she takes a very defensive attitude.  An even more defensive attitude since being assaulted in December.
See Ya!  Got to dig up some balls.


  1. Ringy-dingy-doo Sir William, what will you do with those brown balls. Why, if they are for a plant then I have no idea what plant it is! Are they coconuts? BOL So much is happening in your neighborhood...why, I would jump in that little wheelie house and high-tail it outta there too!
    Your friend, until the end...

  2. oh the sweet pony time... the mama always remembers her pony loki too... but she wasn't as cute as your lee :o)))) I love the little wheelie house, it would make a fab mom cave ;o) my tip for the bulbs: that are coconuts...and you will get a big palmtree once :o)

  3. Our mom has dreams of hitting the road in an RV (with us of course) and driving all over the USA and Canada to meet all our blogging friends one day. It will probably never happen but we can dream about it. We're sorry to hear you have such crappy neighbors but our mom loves the sign from the hairdresser.

  4. Hari OM
    Oh my SW - you make my heart flutter with your sporty look!!! I totally understand Lee's sensitivity to the false accusation thing; as am having difficulty with some neighbours at the moment too, I can completely sym-paw-thighs...

    Now, nicer things... those look like philodendron (elephant ear) bulbs to me - would I be close??? That pot is GORGEOUS. Huggies and waggles, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Mom wants to retire and drive and drive in an RV. By the way, we say balls BOL
    Lily & Edward

  6. Bill, I was under the impression that you lost your balls.

  7. Hi Sweet William,
    All I, Bertie, know about those balls/bulbs is that they look like they would be fun to dig up.
    Gail and I love the picture of Lee on her grandmother's horse. Did you know that Gail had a ride on her sister-in-law's horse at Easter? It was the first time she had ridden for about two decades and I can tell you she looked a lot less confident than four year old Lee does in that photo..
    Gail is very sorry about the troubles with neighbours. She had some bad times with people in the flat below her when living in London, and knows how hard it can be, and is hoping that things improve, and soon.
    Toodle pip!

  8. Does sound like Puddles' neighbours moved into your 'hood. We'd like to get a campervan and travel....well, SHE would, we dogs aren't too sure about travel.

  9. I'd probably wanna dig up those balls too - I mean balls, errrr, bulbs and diggin - sounds like a terrierist's dream come true.

    Sorry bout da naybors - we has some weird ones here, but dey aren't too bad. Just kinda rude.

  10. Those are big balls, oops I mean bulbs, what are they going to grow into?? Mom's bad neighbors got kicked out so she is breathing a sigh of relief because she was actually looking to move too. Tell Lee if she doesn't have any attachments, go for it! Looking awful sporty there, game of tennis handsome?

  11. WOWSA SW! You gots some BIG BALLS there! Remembers, you are a terrierist, and diggin' IS your fundamental right! hehehehe
    WTD is with your neighbor??! I bets she was talkin' with some other neighbor who said " I bet it's so-and-so' , and they ASSumed they knew the truth, and just had to be an ****ole, and give Janet a piece of her itty-bitty mind. Oh, and if you needs someone to ride shotgun, I am SO there with you in the wheelie house!
    Ruby ♥

  12. we want to know what those big brown balls are going to grow into! Mom is glad that we don't have neighbors too close to us. Sorry that yours are being a pain
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  13. Mom would never be able to plant your balls in her yard as I put everything in my mouth. These plants I believe would make me very sick. I am so very sorry that you are having neighbor problems but it seems there are a lot of people with the same troubling neighbors. No one seems to have any respect for anyone or anything. Starting from the top down. Sending prayers to stay safe.
    Your friend Bentley

  14. That was neat to see all those old pictures. They always bring back memories...mostly pleasant I hope.

    Sorry you have so much trouble with neighbors.
    There is trouble with them here too, but they are not rude or unruly...just even messier than my peeps, BOL!

    Are those balls going to become elephant ears? Now imagine what things they will hear, with their large ears!

    That sign from the hairdresser made petcretary guffaw!

    Have a great rest of your week, SWTS!
    (Thanks too, for stopping by and woofing your birthday greetings to me.)

    1. Strange last week I had a man stop who lived on the street as a kid. I remember him well. He said it was the bestest street his folks lived on while he was growing up. So many happy memories of 4th of July picnics with neighbors. One old neighbor who I used to play with stopped last year ~ she was in town to bury her Mom. I dragged out pictures and we had some laughs. But one neighbor moved in and the sour apple kind of destroyed the hood. Three good neighbors actually moved off the street because of her nasty ways. She would call the police if you looked at her sideways. She took her employer a hospital into Federal Ohio Southern District Court for firing her/she lost. She is in court now being sued for Breach Of Contract by a care facility. Gosh I could never do things like that.

  15. We've heard of us dogs burying balls...but not hoomans. What do you think Lee is up to? Do you think she's saving them for a special occasion?
    We're sorry to hear of your new, rude neighbour. We're having some neighbour problems ourselves but we won't bore you with the details.
    We hope you and Lee are well.
    Big licks,
    Wally & Sammy

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  17. I'd probably wanna dig up those balls too - I mean balls, errrr, bulbs and diggin - sounds like a terrierist's dream come true.