Friday, December 8, 2017

Gots To Hang My Ornament

I, Sweet William The Scot, gots to hang my ornament on my Christmas tree.
What happened?  Lee said we were downsizing but lets get real.  Downsizing, well I could lift my leg on the top of this Christmas tree.
Now talking about lifting my leg.  Well I got my Christmas present early.  Yep I got a pee pole.  I am eight years old now and finally Lee got me a pee pole because I finally stop peeing like a girl.
See my pee pole.
Every time I use it Lee opens the window and says William, yep that's my name, stop peeing on the new carriage lamp post.  I don't know what Lee is talking about because it is my pee pole.
Well we painted a Frosty pole out of the extra wood from what went in my pee pole.  Yep I helped I got white paint on a paw.  We decorated the porch so Santa can find my house ~ it is the one with the pee pole.
Well it is suppose to snow tomorrow and they just put down that beet juice stuff on our streets for the predicted one inch ~ JEEZ.
I got my sled out.

Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine 
Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot


  1. Hari om
    Starting to properly look like Christmas at your pad and pole SW! We had snow then wentcand now it's freezerish and more snow to come. Stay warm darlin', especially when out watering!!! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Oh Wills, What lovely decorations...... You are very talented..... Love those glasses but I think that Red would be more your colour. So you will be riding your sled in the street. Oh I must tell you...... Was listening into a conversation yesterday...... I am going to get my own pet dogs... 2 rescue dogs and mum is thinking of a labrador if she can get one so that we can train it in cat obedience and gundog work. Can you believe it I am the supervisor. I am thinking just some dogs who need a home and do not mind being supervised by an old cat. have a great weekend and give Lee lots of hugs from me...... lots of love Pea

  3. Walter is jealous of your pee pole. He has to go around peeing on all the shrubs in the back yard.

  4. That is a nice pee pole you have. They did not spray before our snow and there were accidents. We really like your sled but we don't like the cold and snow. love your Christmas decorations
    Hazel & Mabel

  5. Me and Brinley sometimes try to pee like boys and lift a leg.

  6. Hi Sweet William dear friend. I am thrilled that you have finally discovered the joys of the cocked leg. Better late than never! In my territory, every single pole, or tree, or lamppost, is a pee pole.
    Gail and I love Lee's Frosty decoration and we are very envious of you sled. We could use one here right now as we have loads of snow.
    Toodle pip!

  7. That's a classy peepole! Our snow is coming today, William☺

  8. Dui thinks that addition to your pee pole makes it a perfect aiming point! We're sure Frankie and Ernie would agree.

  9. Those peeps can certainly find alternative uses for anything.

  10. BOL, That *is* a small tree, but that is the size of ours too...'cept ours are on tables:)
    Your lamp/pee pole is such a doggy perk!

  11. You have the best pee post around. Maybe when I no longer pee like a girl my mom might get me a pee post.
    Love your tree. It is just the right size. Merry Christmas Sweet William and Lee.

  12. That really is the finest pee pole I've ever seen. I'm so jealous right now even though I'm a girlie dog and just squat on my strolls.

  13. Now if she put the pole up why wouldn't she want you to pee on it? Hope you both are well and happy!

  14. Once again I have lost the "Follow" from your post, so will keep trying. Just popped in to see what is new.
    I would think your Mom would be thrilled that you have not one but two pee poles and a sled for using your new talent. (No, no sarcasm there.) Glad to see you are doing better. Do you ever see Spikey? Love and Merry Christmas. Amy, Lucy and Xena

    1. Hi Lucy ~ If you look at my second picture there are two bird houses on poles. Spikey likes both and will go in them. When Lee is at the kitchen window he sees her and flies over not being a great lander on the window sill Lee got a Clearly Classic Window Hopper Feeder where he can land easier and eat. He is still tame and will land by me or on Lee in the yard.
      Happy Holidays back at you
      Sweet William The Scot

  15. Thank you for visiting our Traditions post. You have many beautiful traditions to share too. Mom loves the train ones. We have a big train display at our Union Station too. One of Mom and Dad's good friends is very involved in the setup of the display. The grands love to go see it every Christmas.

    Thank you also for the good thoughts for our human sister.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. Hahaha! I nevet heard of a pee pole before! But you are quite right...that's definitely what thst is!