Monday, April 23, 2012

On The Streets

                         Got Your Picture ~ I am one stealthy dude.
Sweet William The Scot here on the streets reporting to you on the cleanup effort after the tornado of  March 2nd with EF3…WIND SPEEDS 136 TO 165 MPH.
I did not want to show the terrible sorrow right after the tornado flayed, barraged, trounced (well you get the picture) but now that we are almost two months out I thought I would show you the cleanup that is taking place.
See all of the Duke Energy trucks that came to help. There are three rows of these trucks. They worked night and day to get electricity back. 
Oh see the funny stop sign, all of them were angled the same.

Big brush piles can be seen every couple of blocks.
This nice brick house was completely gone. So few bricks left to stack.
And another log house where the tornado entered through the back and went out the front.
Oh and this home was really historic.
The tornado went right to the side of the power plant. This power plant never went on line as a nuclear plant. This operates as a coal fired plant.
Well look at this little condominium complex that survived in the mist of all the fragments of broken buildings.
Thanks for being a friend
traveling down the broken road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine.
Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot


  1. What a good report!! It's so good to see that people are rebuilding their lives and their homes. Being from Kentucky I have been in tornadoes and seen first hand what they can do--It's families and friends that get you through it all!!

  2. Glad our on the scene reporter suvived to give us upclose pics, been through one, hope everyone rebuilds and life carries on.

  3. Wow, that is some scary stuff. We are glad the bird condo survived and we are glad you are okay too!


  4. Oh my gosh, this is scary stuff! Thank goodness you (and the bird condo) are OK!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. OMG! Thanks for the report. That must have been so scary! I'm glad you're okay and I can't believe that bird house/condo survived! Looks like quite the clean-up effort underway.

  6. Like everyone else, we think that was scary. We're glad you were okay. Amazing how plants and stuff recover so quickly from those tornadoes. Thanks for showing us everything going on.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. We're so glad you're okay, William. Tornadoes are sure nasty!

    Love ya lots,

  8. Sw. William you make an excellent reporter. You showed and told us all that was scary and bad... and yet the HOPEFUL side of the story.

    I am very VERY much glad that You and your mom were safe through the tornado.

  9. PeeS... I furgot to tell you how much I LOVE your CAMERA!! THAT is a real Beauty!!

  10. I am so glad you're ok Sweet William and everyone is able to pick up the pieces. My Daddy has been through tornadoes and he says they are really scary!


  11. Holy smokes, dat is just total kerazy! I mean so much devesyation and yet dat cute little birdie condo was spared.
    I hopes all da cleaning will be done quick and things can be repaired.

    PS: thanks fur showing us da fotos. It's good to knows what udder peoples is goin' through.

  12. Great reporting....that would have be so scary!

  13. Thanks for stopping by today and giving us this big report! How scary was all this when it happened? I am glad you're alright!

  14. William how do you sit so nicely for these lovely pictures? You have excellent reporting skills. Good that you made it through the tornado ok.
    Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy

  15. Oh wow!! It is amazing how there could be so much damage. Thats funny that the birdhouse was still standing. Love seeing you with a camera and doing a great job~~Thats my guy for ya!!

    Loving wags

  16. Geez! That was a lot of damage! Bet it feels good to see it all cleaned up. Well as much as it can be. Hope everyone in those places that got hit are okay. Those bent signs are something! Spookyness. Lovely that the purple martin condo remained intact :) Great reporting job Sweet William! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  17. Hi William you my friend are one fine reporter.
    We are so thankful you have this terrible storm and clean up behind you. We had no idea it was so close to you. Mom and I love the music on your blog.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  18. Willian amiguinho querido...
    Sinto muito pelo furacão que passou por sua cidade, espero que logo tudo esteja limpo e construido novamente. Se o Papai do Céu quiser, logo tudo vai voltar ao normal, viu??

    Obrigada pela visita em meu blog.
    Gosto muito de voce.
    Fica com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000 das amiguinhas do Brasil ...


  19. Olá amiguinho Willian...
    Que triste que sua cidade teve um furacão.
    Mas logo tudo estará limpo e reconstruido, viu. E sua cidade voltará a ser linda.
    Obrigada pela visita em meu blog.
    Apareça sempre.
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000 com carinho das amigas do Brasil ...


  20. This is what Kippy wrote~
    dear little friend ...
    Sorry for the hurricane that passed through your town, I hope that soon everything is clean and built again. If the Father of heaven willing, everything will soon return to normal, see?

    Hello buddy William ...
    How sad that his city had a hurricane.
    But soon everything will be clean and rebuilt, he saw. And your city will once again be beautiful.
    Thanks for visiting in my blog.
    Always appears.
    1000 and 1000 Kisses fondly of friends from Brazil ...

    Thanks for the help from Luna's Dads in translating!!

  21. Holy cow, Sweet William! You guys were hit hard. Sure glad that the rebuilding is taking place and things will be getting back to normal. You did a good job reporting on this. Hoping you have a good weekend.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog & Hootie

  22. WHOA! You're a great reporter!

    Aroo, Stuart

  23. Hey There Sweet William! I think I'm BARKING AT YOU!!! Yippee!!!

    Aroo, Stuart

  24. oh sweet william - we get tornados here in nebraska too, but not in the town i live in for some reason. but mum rememberes them from when she lived in her home town...scary stuff! thanks for the reportin'


  25. Amiguinho doce William... Tudo bem??
    Vim te desejar um ótimo final de semana que voce se divirta muito e tenha grandes passeios com muita alegria.

    Aqui no Brasil, terça-feira (1 de maio) é feriado "DIA DO TRABALHO", então vamos viajar, e hoje fui fazer compras com mamãe e meus avós, foi bem legal. Coloquei no meu blog.
    Passa lá quando der.
    Gosto de ver voce por lá.
    Fica com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000 das amigas com amor do Brasil ...


  26. Super reporting, indeed, Sweet William. You take such excellent photos to illustrate your stories. Hope everyone has electricity now and that the rebuilding is well under way. And that the birdie condo is fully occupied with new families.

    Jed & Abby

  27. Mother Nature can really do some dreadful damage when she sets her mind to it.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  28. Sweet William
    that is so vewy vewy sad to see all that damage that mofew natoowe did..those poow hoomans and fuwkids in the paf of that townado. thank dog you'we OK and that we building is going on
    I'm sending my good thoughts to evewyone
    smoochie kisses

  29. sweet William
    I just commented, but don't know whewe it went
    I'm sending my love and smoochie kisses to all who wewe huwt by that tewwibull townado
    thank dog you'we all wight

  30. Oh, that's tough stuff, how horrible for everyone. Very glad you are ok.