Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Singing For My Dinner

Well our community, Mt. Washington, has a community picnic every year. I am taking my watermelon and Lee is packing other food to share.

Our community picnic is held here. A look inside first.
Can you guess what I am inside of?
It sits at the pinnacle of our hill. It was built between 1933 and 1936.  No I am not climbing to the top!  It holds over three millions gallons of water.  Enough for a bath, ya think!

It is a noted Art Deco landmark.  It is decorated top-to-bottom with lights every Christmas.  We have our own giant candle as a beacon for Santa Claus.  One year when we had a terrible winter storm the bulbs which are hard plastic over light bulbs blew off and pelted our home!

                       The Mt. Washington Water Tower.

Okie dokie I have to sing for my dinner.  Here I am with one of my friends performing.
Turn down the speakers you are blasting my ear drums!!!! Lee is always singing so I know the words to just about every song or I can fake, fabricate, concoct, devise, contrive the words if I don't know them.
I have been know to demolish a song or two!

Here I am singing Country Roads
I hear her voice, in the morning hour she calls me
Sweet William time for breakfast, Arrooooo
The radio reminds me of my home far away
We have it on everyday, Arrooooooooo

Well everyone loved my singing and I got my picnic dinner.  Hope you liked seeing my summer picnic.

Oh, I allowed Lee to have the chocolate off of my ice cream sundae.  Brain Freeze!

                   Wonder who painted this ~ I know!

Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine.
Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot


  1. Oh Sweet William,that looked like sooooooo much fun. Did you say ICE CREAM. However, guess what, you SING, looks like you are doing our National Anthem at our Games. Heeheehee

    Susie & Bites

  2. OK, so you have the tower for a drink. Do you have something that good for food?

  3. Sweet William... I am so glad that you got to go to that super picnic and that you were the STAR of the STAGE !! I LOVE your version of Country Roads!!!
    I'll bet it is hot enough to roast a Squirrel where you are... beclaws it is 94 up on my hill.
    Think Cool Rainy thoughts my furend.

  4. Sweet William I had no idea you were so talented as to be on stage.
    You look very comfy up there you are a natural born star and I will be your biggest fan
    Hugs from your

  5. What fun.All our community does is scare us with fireworks
    Benny & Lily

  6. That dinner looks good and we live watermelon! Hope you had a good time!

  7. Happy Independence Day. I bet everyone said "encore" when you were finished.

  8. Hey there Sweetie!! You sing beautiful, i could listen all day!! Have fun with that yummy dinner and watermelon is scumptious!!

    Happy 4th
    Loving wags

  9. That's a lot of water! We think your singing just added class to the songs.

    We are droolin' over your dinner.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. OK, rule one; I can't enter, I am the evevnt snooperizer
    Rule two; in your dreams buddy
    Rule three; I am laughng so hard, couldn't run if I had too!


  11. Your 4th of July sounds like my kind of celebration!!

    I hope you're doing well and have enjoyed your day--We're good after a 4 day power outage!

  12. I am most impressed by your art deco water tower!
    I can only hope for the sake of your sensitive Scottie ears, Sweet William, that Lee sings more tunefully than my owner does....
    Toodle pip!

  13. Wow! Looks like you had a great time!!

  14. We hope you had a lovely 4th July.It looked like you did?
    Best wishes Molly

  15. What a cool water tower! We can tell that you had an awesome 4th, William!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. Oh SW what a brilliant day! You look so cool on stage!



  17. Amiguinho William... Voce sempre com uma alimentação saudável e deliciosa.
    Parabéns. lindas suas fotos também.
    Ótima tarde e fique com o Papai do Céu.
    aus 1000 e beijos 1000 com carinho das amigas do Brasil...


  18. Vaya pinta tenía esa sandia... ñam.
    Y la reserva de agua es grandisima, como se rompa menuda inundación.
    Seguro que eres un magnifico cantante, te tenían que dar un filetón.

  19. Oh boy does it look like you were having an excellent time at the picnic ... gotta love summertime!!

  20. What a wonderful dinner you sang for too, buddy!

  21. What a cool place for a picnic! Excellent! :)

    Glad you scored some nommers William. What happened to the other half of your tube steak? ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  22. That sounds like a great picnic! You got to eat all that ice cream by yourself? You are so lucky! Mama shares hers, but she has never given us our own bowls!

  23. Gotta keep that mind sharp for a personal report, and remember Jazzi is running also. Heres the trick just run side by side at the finish line, then you can not lose, Heeheehee.


    Pees; Dad now goes to your site just to listen for the music, how about adding your SWEET voice.

  24. I sing, too! But not for my dinner.

    Stay cool!

  25. Good job, William. Talent comes in handy when there is food to be had!!