Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 17th National Apple Dumpling Day

Well I, Sweet William The Scot, got my apron on and I am going to bake up something special just for today because Ranger told me it was Apple Dumpling Day. 
Don't you just love a pretty plate of fruit.  But that apple is becoming a dumpling.
Dogs don't eat grapes.
 Yep we know a little something about apples because Lee's distant cousins have apple orchards full.  Why that is their livelihood.  Lee's Grandmother use to send her over to help pick in the Fall.
 My special apple dumpling.  Topped with the bestest ice cream. 
Yep Lee bought us Cincinnati's own Graeters Bourbon Pecan ice cream to top off our home made apple dumplings. 
 Oops I forgot the warm bourbon sauce that you pour over first.
Thanks for being a  friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of  mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot

Saturday September 19th is Speedy's Party to celebrate the anniversary of him becoming a Pirate Captain!   The Ship the SS Speedy will be sailing and I will be on board.
Lee put beads in my beard ~ what will that woman do next to me?
Wait till Speedy sees my ship! 
Real ships are in my Nati City this week and I went on board them. Show you next Monday.
Ahoy maties!
One of the test Lee had done last week was an Orbscan.
Pretty colored picture!
She has always had perfect vision and been very lucky in never having had to wear glasses.
But since last October with the Vestibular Disorder and in that that nerve and the eye nerve squeeze through a tiny area in the base of your brain her vision is deteriorating.  This test showed she is developing Keratoconus.
Which mean her cornea on both eyes are getting thin spots.
Lee said as Scarlett O'Hara said in Gone With The Wind  "I'll think about that tomorrow".‎‎


  1. Looks like you are all set to celebrate. An apple dumpling a day will keep the vet away
    Lily & Edward

  2. that looks totally delicious - we are going to have to go online and see if we can find a good recipe for them

  3. Yum I wish I was there to help you eat your apple dumpling. Did Lee have to say "leave it" while she was taking your picture because I know mom would have just had a picture of a blur and missing dumplings.

    Aroo to you,

  4. Losing your vision isn't good. Especially for me-I don't have ears to compensate.

  5. Ringy-dingy-dee, do you have any Apple Dumpling left for me?!? Sir William, that dumpling sure looks delicious and oh, the bourbon sauce and ice cream sound like the perfect complements. Yum! I sure hope your Lee is doing well. Tell her I send lots of Cairn cuddles for her! You two take care...
    Your friend, until the end...

  6. Love me some Apple Dumpling and your's sure looks yummy. So sorry to hear about Lee's eye sight. POTP

    1. Last week was eventful between getting knocked of the wharf into the deep deep Ohio River (thank God Wills just kept running the wharf trying to find a shorter distance to jump in till a nice women grabbed his leash) than retinal laser ~ well we could have bypassed that week totally. That was the week that was, it's over let it go.

  7. Hari OM
    Y U M M O O O O to dogs not eating grapes... angel Jade would have to disagree; not that she ought to have been eating grapes, but if she could sneak any of those little parcels of juiciness from me, she would!

    POTP for Lee at this side; one day at a time. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. OMD Wills, mom says she lost all concentration when you mentioned bourbon pecan Ice Cream. She says apple dumpling with that on top must be close to heaven
    sending hugs and POTP
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. OH my gosh, I love apples so I know we would love that so much!!!! Now if someone would just make us some. We are also sending hugs and prayers your way....stella rose and momma

  10. Oh, yummy. Mum is swooning at the idea of bourbon pecan ice cream. And yes, tomorrow is another day & we hope Lee receives some brighter news soon!!

    Edgar and his mum.

  11. Those apple dumplings look DELICIOUS and that ice-cream...YUM!! We continue to send POTP for Lee and we've also sent a little something via the mail, so be sure to check your post box it should arrive any day now.
    BIG licks,
    Wally & Sammy

  12. Our cousin in Pencil-vane-ia has that. She's had several transplants. We'll keep our paws crossed for your mum.

    Ahhhhhh, apple dumplings. HER mum made the best.

  13. That apple dumpling with ice cream sure does look yummy, William! We are sending lots of positive vibes to your mom.

  14. OMD Mommy was totally drooling when she saw your treat!! Yummsicles. This will be my first talk like a pirate day. I am excited.

    Ziggy Out!!

  15. Oh.My.Dog. That looks DELISH SW!!!!! OMD, you are one lucky doggie, you are!!!
    I sure hopes your Moms eyes don't gets any worse. I'm sendin' her TONS of POTP and healin' vibes and AireZens!!!!!
    Ruby ♥

  16. Apples get eaten here.,au naturel...but inside a dumpling and covered with ice cream and bourbon sauce...over the top YUM!!

    Sheesh, as if the vestibular issue wasn't enough trouble to deal with. POTP and cheerier thoughts going to your Lee, SWTS!

    And even a dunk in the river?? OMD:(

    Pawppy has a 'bump' on his retina, potentially a hole or a blindness maker. But at least the specialist looked at it for the third time,and deemed it stable for now. So no surgery needed. Hooray!

  17. Oh yum! I'm not sure if I've ever had an apple dumpling. I'll have to find a recipe.

    What can be done for your eye issues? We are sending POTP your way!

    Monty and Harlow

  18. You dumpling looks delilsh. We will cross our paws for your mom and hope she can get better.

  19. That apple dumpling thingy looks pawsome. Sorry about your moms eye cornea. We think Scarlett has good advice!