Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Firefighters Memorial

I, Sweet William The Scot, live in the city proper but two streets over is Anderson Township.
Firefighters Memorial in Anderson Township.
The Memorial is a seven foot tall bronze statue of a firefighter in full gear cradling a child, standing tall in front of three flagpoles.
The Memorial was dedicated on June 11, 2005 and was funded entirely through donations.
The names of those that served.
Daisy has a memorial.  She served the township fire and rescue department by teaching the importance of fire and life safety messages to the community.
You know the stop, drop and roll rule right.
Lee has great respect for those that do this job.  Lee's cousin, Eddie, died in a fire at the age of eleven when Lee was eighteen.  The fire happened in her grandfathers house where he lived.  Eddie was cleaning his boy scout badge when the hot water heater kicked on high and ignited the cleaner and torched Eddie.
Lee was one of the first family members on the scene.  Lee was close to Eddie they were like brother and sister everyone said they were so much alike.
Next to the memorial sits a place that the kids love.
Seldom do we see it empty.
It is the skateboard rinks.  Boy do those kids fly up and down the edges and ramps.

Now here is, pardon me, someone who skipped the class in fire safety.
Yep he is smoking a cigarette and using an aerosol can of either sunscreen or bug spray right to the face.  If that ignites he will need a fireman for sure!  And he is here in the Memorial parking lot.
I am staying apolitical as Kismet said and I quote "I have strong feelings about the upcoming US Presidential race. I think it’s time for a black female to hold the job so I’m writing in Minnie Mouse".
The idiot's car had been hodgepodged (probably to hide rust holes) and on the back was a bumper sticker saying "Vote for Trump Restore America's Greatness".
Lee and I we just scratched our heads and rolled on.

Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of  mine

Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot

We have a lot of pretty street corners in Nati City so Lee took this picture out the car window at the stop light.


  1. Ringy-Dingy-Dee, well that is one fine memorial to firefighters, Sir William! Why, the men in my Ma's family have been volunteer firemen in NJ for generations. Yep, the have helped many people and we are proud of that. I am surprised that the skate rink was empty. Why didn't you bring your skate board so you could cruise on those ramps?!? Thanks for sharing another great slice of your fine city and surrounds!
    Your friend, until the end...

  2. What a lovely memorial there, did you get a chance to ring the bell William?
    Nati City looks a beautiful place
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. What a beautiful memorial for all those firefighters. Where is your fire hat
    Lily & Edward

  4. Hari OM
    Absolutely agree that we need to be lots more appreciative of all our emergency servicepeeps!!! ... and what a 'drongo' that bloke is... and crikey - I had a trial running at packing my hand-luggage yesterday. It's going to take practice!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Hey Sweet William & Lee!
    Wow, that's a great memorial to the fire peeps and pup! Mom had a high school friend who died fighting a fire, so she appreciates these too. OMD that car is silly, just like that peep. BOL Pretty flowers!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  6. What a sad story about Lee's cousin. That is a fine memorial to men and women who do an important and honourable job. What a contrast with certain politicians we could name (but you'll guess who we mean).
    Toodle pip!

  7. I just love your city in the summer time. I can not imagine losing someone close in a fire. There are so many people that put their life in the line so others will live.
    Bentley and Pat

  8. That is a beautiful memorial Sweet Will, the firemen and women do such important jobs for all of us. We are so sorry about Lee's cousin, we cannot imagine what she also went through, that kids smoking was stooped for sure. stella rose

    1. Oh I should have said that was no kid! He was a full grown peep probably in his early forties.

  9. Whut a cool monument to da firefighters-- dat's so sad 'bout Eddie... how awful for everybuddy...

    Whut da woof is wrong wiff dat guy?? Usin' a spray can when smokin'??? And as fur da elekshun, well, I's just sayin' dat maybe he's showin' da intelleck of sumone who'd vote fur a reality star famous fur bein' mean... bol, bol!!

  10. We are sorry about Lee's cousin. Mommy's brother is a volunteer firefighter.

    We can't believe that guy in the parking lot with the cigarette and the spray. We are speechless.

  11. The clown with the can and cigarette has a longer life expectancy than his twin brother who is doing the same thing in a gas station.

  12. That's sad about Lee's little cousin. Firemen (and Women) do such a great job.

    HER mechanic usually works on the car engines with a cigarette hanging from his lips...crazy.

  13. that is sad about Lee's cousin. Very nice memorial and what an idiot that guy is. our peeps are so disgusted with the election stuff - Minny Mouse sound like a thought!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  14. Love the firefighters memorial. S.W. You should have brought your skateboard to the park and Lee could have taken some action shots of you. I bet you can really catch some air.

    Aroo to you,

  15. That is a very sad and tragic story. The memorial is beautiful and you make it even more so.

  16. I'm so sorry for Eddie and I'm so sorry for your Lee . How horrible for a young woman to see a beloved member of the family after such a horrible accident...
    We bow our heads for all firefighters who risk their life and who save so much lives... they are heroes...and Daisy is ahero too.

  17. What a beautiful memorial to the firefighters. Such a sad story about cousin Eddie.

  18. Oh, that is one beautiful memorial SW!!!! What a wonderful place to come to honor the brave men and women who puts their lives on the line fur all of us! I am so sorry to hear abouts Lee's cousin. {{hugs}}
    You know, I thinks that, no, I'm not goin' to say anythings bad abouts someone just because they are going to vote for an asshat! Butts, I thinks he's tryin' to be like his idol and spraying HAIR SPRAY on his head! BOL!!! Looks like he's gonna need the whole can too!!!!! hehehehe okays, that's it....pie hole shut....
    Ruby ♥

  19. Oh gosh, how sad about Lee's little cousin Eddy. Fires are so scary and we have the utmost respect for firemen as well.

  20. Oh gosh, how sad about Lee's little cousin Eddy. Fires are so scary and we have the utmost respect for firemen as well.

  21. I know those fire peeps do such good work sometimes at their own risk, too.

    Such a sad thing to have lost a dear cousin so tragically and horridly. Growlmy knew a furmily who lost their oldest son in a house fire...what a nightmare fire can be.

    That smoking dude needs a wake up fur sure...hopefully not with an ignition of fire...and that car made growlmy giggle.

    Thanjks to Daisy, too...and all the brave peeps who are helping others in many ways, some we too often take for granted.

  22. We're so sorry about Eddy - what a tragic way to leave this wonderful world we live in (even if it's sometimes occupied by the occasional weird person :-) Thanks for sharing your stories and your day.
    Abby Lab