Friday, July 21, 2017

Wait That's Not Me

That Is Not Me!
No that is my friend Nessa Noodle Dog.
Nessa lives in Nevada where they say "What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas".
Well Nessa and her Mom were reading a book All Things Bright and Beautiful by
James Herriot a vet in Yorkshire, England.  They e-mailed me to tell me the book said the cows all got white spots around their eyes and took copper supplements that made the spots go away. Her Mom said maybe I need to see a cow doctor?

I am taking my supplements now which have copper but we think it is going to take awhile for them to work.

But finally we heard of something that kind of relates to my polka dots.

Nessa is soaking in a tub because she has itchies.

You know of a good cow doctor?
Lee has been busy baking and decorating a wedding cake for a friend. 
Her first husband died after many years and they had ran off to get married so she never had a wedding cake. 
This weekend she will have her cake for her second wedding.
Lee said to say don't take cake decorating classes because it can end up with you doing this for friends.
Lee was doing more work on Ancestry last week and came across this picture in a box of old photos.  That wood wagon was pulled by the farm dog Presto and then Timmy.  The wagon was her fathers when he was a kid,   Jimmy was like her favorite cousin but over the years they lost touch.
I, Sweet William The Scot, had my birthday at the beginning of July now
tomorrow is Lee's birthday and also Tobi's birthday on Downunder Daisy
So remember to drop by an wish her a Happy Birthday.

Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot


  1. Hi Sweet William,
    Great to hear from you. Gail and I do hope the copper supplement works, but we do NOT recommend hiring a cow doctor. I mean, have you seen where they like to stick their arms?
    We would love to see a photo of one of Lee's cakes, and hope that she enjoys a splendid birthday tomorrow (including lots of treats, and cuddles with her favourite Scottie).
    Toodle pip!

  2. Hope you are staying cool this summer. Man the heat is something else this year. I hope the supplements work for you. Would love to see picture of the wedding cake for your friend. Keep in touch and hope Lee stays busy and does not have time to worry.
    Your Friend
    Bentley & Pat

    1. Lee says the heat keeps her in a continual state of inelegance. She hopes our icing holds up for the outdoor wedding ~ she knows for sure her curly hair won't.
      I got something for you but just have to get it into the mail.

  3. Hari om
    Well bless my soul, a belated and joyous barkday to you Sweet William...and a huuuuugggee ether hug and Love to Lee for tomorrow; hoping there is cake for herself as well!!! I second Bertie's obsetvations re cow docs... hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  4. James Herriot is HER all time favourite author. Just re-reading his son's biography of his dad. Have a happy birthday, Lee!
    Ours hasn't started too well. A sick dog who had diarrhoea all over the kitchen in the night. And it's -8°C outside...but we will still go to the river.

    1. Enjoy your lunch with the River Folks at the club. Hope my girlfriend Bella feels better soon.

  5. Hope you nevfur need any kind of a cow-doc, Sweet William!

    Happiest of birthday wishes to Miss Lee! And no doubt you will figure gretaly inher least I hope so!

    And I hope your wedding goes off without any hitches or glitches.
    My peeps are having their anni-fur-sary on the 25th...30 years...and yes, they did have a cake back then, BOL!

    Licks and wags!

    1. gretaly inher clebration
      Why doesn't the petcretary pay attention! BOL!

      That should read: greatly in her celebration

      ...and she meant the wedding cake work...I made it sound as if it were your Miss Lee getting married, oopsie!

      Must be the heat here is making her head addled:)

    2. Well Lee understood it all so what does that say about her brain. A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.
      Guess you had your years in order to make 30 years. Hooray! Hooray! Hey, di, hey, di, hoh Happy Anniversary
      Wills & Lee

    3. It is such a nice thing Lee has done for her friend with the cake. Hope the wedding goes well and that you got an invitation as the ring bearer perhaps

  6. A very Happy Birthday to Lee!
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. Sugar Billy, if you go to the cow doc, you'll give milk. Hint, I love cheese!
    Lee, I hope you put good gloves and a hazmat suit on when making the cake. I've heard that wedding cake is one of the most dangerous substances known.

  8. Oh SW, I sure hopes those supplements work for you!!!! I gots my paws crossed real tight! Though, I thinks maybe you should hold off on the cow don't wants to end up mooin'
    Your Lee sure is one talented Humon! I bets that cake looks amazin'! See if you can't take a pic to show us her lovely work.
    And tell Lee HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BURTHDAY!!!!!! I am sendin' her lots of slobbery kisses! and a beard shower....hehehe
    Ruby ♥

  9. William I hope so much that the supplement will help ya... and maybe you even can become a cowboy? all paws are crossed for GOOOOOOD news when the supplement kicked in. A happy Birthday to your Lee we send a big hug to her.
    btw: the photo is very sweet... it brings back so much memories of childhood and the summer what was endless that time

  10. Mom has heard of that author but hasn't read any of his books yet. Maybe it's time. I sure hope the supplement works for you, William!
    Happy Birthday, Lee!

  11. We sure hope the supplements help you feel better Sweet William. Happy Birthday to Lee! We just know her cake will be great. Will we get to see any pictures of it?

  12. Happy Birthday to everyone! Bet the cake Lee made was pawsome.

  13. Replies
    1. No new ones Pea and the ones I have are the same so I am not getting worse. Hip Hip Hooray!
      We are getting a new driveway concrete poured this week if the weather stops raining. But Lee has had to move a lot of our flowers to temporary locations till the work is done and then we have to replant them and fill in along the driveway edge and seed. My paws have been busy digging in the dirt with Lee. We will get back to posting when we get our yard back in shape.
      You are a good friend Pea.
      Your friend

  14. HI Wills, Our humans would be lost without us supervising the gardening wouldn't they. I have to supervise the planting all the time. It is fun though spending time with the humans. I don't get my paws dirty though. I am more of the big picture design consultant type. So glad you are not getting any worse so that must mean that you are on the mend. Fingers and paws crossed here for a total recovery. Hugs pea

  15. Happy Birthday to everyone! Bet the cake Lee made was pawsome.


    1. Well Hello ~ We came over to your Google+ and we could not find any post. We are glad you stopped by and we see you have read a few more of our older post. Looking forward to getting to know more about you.

  16. Well it seems Katie and I are late as usual...but Happy Birthday to both of you! Hope the driveway project goes as expected. Sounds like a lot of work!