Tuesday, April 7, 2020

I'm a Big Boy

Lee always calls me her Big Boy or Man Of The House.
But usually at this time of the year she confuses me.  See usually during Lent and only during Lent does Lee go to the Big Boy.  Lee says they have one of the best fish sandwiches.
Yep when we walk by this guy Lee says there is the Big Boy but wait I am her Big Boy.
I'm confused.
Lent is sad this year because we can't go to the Big Boy.
We can't go to Friday Fish Fry Dinners.
We can't pray the steps to the Holy Cross Immaculata Church in Mt. Adams.
We can't go to the Cincinnati Zoo or Krohn Conservatory to see the flowers.

Why Lee even said there will be no Easter dinner this year.
Chewy will you get me my kibbles because I at least want that for Easter Dinner under my green beans.

I say this is just a nightmare so Bugger Off Covid-19.

Stay Home
Don't travel down my road and back again
I want you alive and well
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Sweet William The Scot


  1. Sweet William you will always be your mom's favorite Big Boy! It is a tough time of year for many religions with not being able to celebrate as families usually do. Does your church do YouTube or Zoom services?

  2. oh there just one real big boy and that's you!!!! we will have a different easter this year too, but if it helps to chase tht sh*t virus away we will do what we can...

  3. Hari OM
    Indeed, you will always be your mum's big boy, SW - fret not!!! Staying home does mean a slightly curtailed Easter celebration - but I intend to make some easter cakes with marzipan and lots of fruit. That will have to do! Be safe. Bewell. Behave! YAM xx

  4. William, you are making sure that she still has here big boy in your still during this time. We hope you are all staying safe. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  5. Easter will be different this year for sure, William, but our moms will make it fun for us.

  6. I want peeps to call me "Big Bird" but they just laugh.

  7. Certainly different this year. But Lee may be able to get a Fish dinner later in the year, if peeps stay home and do the right thing.

  8. Oh SW, Ma told me that she used to go to BBB ALL the time when she was a wee lass! They closed the one in our city some 20yrs ago. she still misses it! I can so understand Lee's disappointment! Do they have pick up? I wouldn't do grubhub or any of the delivery services, cause they are just too sketchy for me, butts curb side pickup is totally doable!
    If not, I hopes she treats herself later when they fully open again. I am so glads your Easter kibble won't be interrupted! You keeps Lee safe, and keep her paws washed!
    Ruby ♥

  9. I think you need to lift you leg on Big Boy Bob.
    Show him dat you are the one and only Big Boy.

  10. Hopefully, by this time next year everything will be back to normal.

  11. Takeout?? We hope so...

    Petcretary only likes fish she cooks herself...or perhaps inside a fancy restaurant...oops, not these days!

    Sweet William...you are the bestest Big Boy around...and at least we know that your Miss Lee can hug you as much as she wants to:)

    Take care and stay safe!

    Maybe at Easter you can have some egg from the Easter Bunny's take out basket?!

  12. Maybe we can all order Easter dinner in. We're sorry you had to change you song, too. Mom says no matter what else is going on in the world, He is Risen! XOX Xena and Lucy (we don't know what that means, but she's going to explain it.)

  13. Sweet William please tell Lee well done on her beautiful the ISO-lymics badge.
    Hugs Cecilia