Monday, August 17, 2015

Lost In Space

Late at night when we can't sleep why Lee and I, Sweet William The Scot, get up and watch old old reruns on what we call the boob tube.
Well there is this show called "Lost in Space".  The show was on the air from 1965 to 1968. The darn Robot is always running around annoying me yelling "Danger Will Danger".
In late 2014 plans for the development of a brand new series were announced.  Holy Crap!
Well guess what you dum-dums you were not lost in space you were lost in the hills of Kentucky right across the Ohio River from my Nati City.
Up this hill.
Yep look what I found, your spaceship is right here.
It has been sitting here since 1976. 
 The portable, prefabricated home design from 1968 is by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen.
Hit on the site to see inside pictures.
There are fewer than fifty of these homes on earth.
This Futuro is unusual in that it only has 8 windows.
There are many variations of the Futuro house depending on where and for what utility purpose they were made.
Those Futuros that served as banks could have less windows and those that served as Air Force-owned observation posts could have larger and reinforced windows.
Yep it just sits here on a tree lined street with normal homes.
People live here.
Wonder where that darn Robot is that is always yelling my name?
 Oh and the next time you get lost ~ Well stop and ask for directions!

Did you know that Yamini MacLean is a "Trekkie" yep she is a Star Trek fan.
Have you ever heard of Project Blue Book ?
It was headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.  Right up the Interstate.
Thanks for being a  friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of  mine
Signing Off 
Sweet William The Scot
We spent Sunday out and about my Nati City and I got a month worth of pictures of fun things in my city to show you. 
I showed you Hennie last week.  Well this is Elsa, Hennie's sister.
This is her Wanted Poster. 
Elsa is not nice to me!


  1. Holy Crap!!! The Martians have landed....REALLY!!!! FUR Real! Are the homeowners by any chance GREEN-colored with spikes coming out of their heads??? BOL

    HOW COOL to have that right in your neighborhood warning you of danger!

    Wishin' you a great week!

  2. PEE..S If you's warned of DANGER,,,it might be Elsa comin' to get ya!

  3. Wow, my Mom loves those shows too! She's a trekkie fur sure. That house is really corners. BOL Those flowers are so pretty and I bet that Elsa tastes just like...well...chicken! YUM
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  4. Danger Danger UFO approaching
    Lily & Edward

  5. I remember seeing one of those odd shaped homes up 0n the side of a mountain in Australia. It was about twice of the size and they converted it into an old english tea room - it had the most wonderful half round deck you go and sit on and look out over the mountains while enjoying scones and tea.

  6. Oh boy you have a spaceship in your neighborhood? how cool is that. I would like to live in such a futuro... my mom would be happy that she only had to clean that 8 small windows :o) Give me a sign when you see that robot, ok? and don't worry about Elsa, our chicken (Eva) bit my in my sniffer's probably a vampire chick what wanted my blood...but please don't tell that to the other pups, it's embarrassing to turn into a chicken because of a chicken :o)

  7. Oh my dog! The Alien UFO! So that's where the Aliens come from!

  8. Hari Om
    W.O.W. A genuine Futuro in your 'hood??? Excellent! Oh LIS was such a show of its time - but still is better than the film remake... Crikey, you got the Red-feathered Devil staying at your place? You DO need a robot body guard after all!!! Live Long & Prosper &*>
    Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  9. Sw. William that is too funny about Lost in Space.
    We love your photo sitting by the ship
    Hugs madi and mom

  10. Sweet William my mom remembers Lost in Space and My Favorite Martian. They do not make good shows like that any more. There is also a Space Ship Futuro House between Milton and Rehoboth Beach De. It has been there since 1968. Be happy Will that you have a protector looking out for you.
    Your Friend

    1. For sci-fi we like Falling Skies with the skitters but Downton Abbey is what we truly like.
      Have a great week Bentley.

  11. I love your city it has the most interesting places, events, history, and fun facts and I love your first photo of the Ohio River. Not much exciting or fun around my hood to even brag about. Mom said she use to watch reruns of Lost in Space when she was a kid.

    Aroo to you,

  12. Mum once saw some Earthship Houses ( in Taos, New Mexico. Being a Star Wars fan, she thought it looked rather like Tatooine.

    Edgar and his mum

  13. Must freak out people who get it look really weird in fog!

  14. OMD a spaceship!!! kinda cool.
    look out Elsa!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  15. You always find some interesting things to share with us. This space house sure is a good one.

  16. Mommy used to love that show and never ever missed it!! That house is way cool.

    Ziggy Out!1

  17. That UFO is the same age as our mom...PRETTY OLD!! BOL!!!!
    Wally & Sammy

  18. Oh my the UFO looks fab...we loved Lost in Space and that robot was annoying but that Dr Smith really got my goat :) a lovely day to be out spotting UFO's Sweet William...loves Fozziemum xxx

  19. Ringy-dingy-Danger Will, why I didn't know you had a UFO right there in your Nati City! Does E.T. live there? You better be careful lest you find "Danger, Will....Danger" and that UFO "beams up a Scottie". BOL
    Your friend until the end...

  20. Mom said something about a robot saying "Danger, danger"! Oh, those chickens aren't so bad, kinda tasty if done just right BOL!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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  21. DANGER! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Yuppers! Ma and her Brudder used to watch it on the TVees every Saturday! It was her brudders favorite show. (Ma's was HR Puff n Stuff! ☺) Butts since there was only one TV, and he was older, you get where I'm goin'....don't worries, Ma always got her revenge somehows...hehehe
    Okays, now that house is just FABulous!!!! And pretty smart knows that round buildings like this and Domes actually are more stable and sturdy than traditional buildings. Butts peeps seem to like boxes not circles for some reason! BOL
    Anyhu, thanks for sharing that amazin' spaceship house that Ma wishes she lived in!
    Oh, and that Elsa has a nasty look in her out for that one!
    Ruby ♥

  22. Well hey there! I've missed you so. Took a little break but looking forward to catching up. Hope you are well and taking good care of lee!

  23. Hello Sweet William! You're adorable too! We live in Columbus, and have many friends in Cincinnati, of course. Love your header and that "space ship" house! Please visit us as often as you'd like!

  24. OMD I love that spaceship! Your new friend nor so much though, BOL!

  25. Wow! My pawppy would enjoy checking out that home,BOL! Purple (magenta more like) and green...OMD!

    Lovely basket(!) of blooms and your chicken Sweet William pesterer looks like a cousin to one I had around here last summer...I haven't seen her this summer...but I do see a few foxes and coyotes sometimes...Oh-oh!

    We are trying to catch up with the blog world...we sure missed a lot during our AWOL time...and thanks fur your POTP and visits. So appreciated!