Monday, August 3, 2015

It Mesmerizes Me

 Well the Star Stained Glass Sun Catcher mesmerizes my Will and that is what had his attention.  It has hung in the window for three years ever since I got it as a birthday gift. 
But only in July and August when the sun is just right in the sky the sun catcher creates a rainbow puddles of gold, orange, burnt orange and red on the carpet.
You could see the color to the left of Wills in the picture last week.
Every afternoon you can find my Wills sitting in the puddle just staring and staring with the most intense fixed glaze at the catcher as caught in the picture last week. 
I wish I knew what Wills thinks it is and why it has held his interest for so long at a time.
Well now for the winners of our little prize.
Everyone who qualified had their name put in my Tam O Shanter
Then Lee put a treat in and mixed it up.
When I grabbed my treat out I also got two pieces of paper which had names on them.
The Winners Are
 The boxes are in the mail.
Now let me, Sweet William The Scot, tell you about a fun way to see my Nati City. 

Oh No I hear the bees coming.  I never know what to think of them.
If I sit up here I will be safe.
Yep it is the Segways.  They sound like bees!
Cincinnati offers three distinct tour routes in the immediate Cincinnati area. All three routes are 2 hour experiences, including 15-20 minutes of training and a 90 minute guided ride.
You can tour the Riverfront, Eden Park, Cincinnati’s Center City .
This is the Riverfront Tour.  Which includes  Bi-Cenntennial Commons at Sawyer Point; historic Yeatman's Cove featuring the Serpentine Wall; and the stunning Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park.
 Here I ran into them in Eden Park.
And darn they were at the Conservatory!
There are out even if the weather is cold.
But it is a fun way to see my Nati City.
My ears are up because I just heard Lee say I am going to get a flu shot. DARN!
 Well I get the first one this week and in three weeks I get the second shot. 
Kennel Cough and Canine Influenza are still in Cincinnati.
Thanks for being a friend
Traveling down the road and back again
Your heart is true and your a friend of mine
Signing Off
Sweet William The Scot


  1. watching the sun catcher is fun and so are segways - would love to try one of those

  2. OMD....Did you get to ride one of those things? It looks like sooooo much fun. Now, bout dat shot.. not so much fun :(

  3. Oh, well Sir William, I would have never guessed it was the sun catcher keeping your full attention like that. I am glad you told us what it was. Now, those segways are an interesting way to see your Nati City. I will tell Ma to remember that if she ever goes there to visit.
    Your friend, until the end...

  4. Hari OM
    Well I never... but I totally understand the fascination with the pretty lights... And I'd love to have go on a Segway!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Love the Segways!
    Sun catchers are so awesome aren't they.

  6. WooHoo and YAY, did you see...I WON!!!!!!!!!
    Fank you sooo much Sweet William and Lee, *Mwah*
    I luffs the star, I would be staring at it as well William!
    You'd best get you jabs done...don't want you getting poorly again dear fella, take care
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Ohhhh William that mesmerizes me too. I love sparkles and sun. Segways are funny. The 'mall' police use them at our mall.
    Oh boy I'm glad you are getting the flu shot that stuff is just plain scary and you can't stay INDOORS all the time.
    Hugs madi

  8. Oh you have a magic star suncatcher? Pawsome... if your Lee will borrow us her star we could go on tour like David Copperfield... ad then we would get a show in Vegas (or we would land in jail). Congrats to the Blogville Dogtors Lassie&Benji and Princess Leah.
    I cross my paws that this evil sickies go away from your town soon...
    easy rider

  9. I thought that they tore down Riverfront Park. Is that true?

    1. Well construction is always underway and change is always happening. We have a wonderful new place call Smale Riverfront Park. It has a large a giant flat piano like in the movie "Big" where you can jump on the keys and make it play. Lee says we have to check and see if dogs are allowed in that area.

  10. Momma says she wants to do a Segway tour someday, they look like fun! I say your FEET are made for WALKING, so use them!

  11. Police officers sometimes ride those Segways by us. I can see why Will likes the stained glass. It's so pretty and must be just magical when the light shines through.

  12. Oh no you have to go to the stabby place good luck my friend,xx Speedy

  13. Oh Sweet William, a sun catcher! We would never have guessed. Sun catchers are not very common in Scotland, perhaps 'cos they would get bored waiting around for a few rays of sunshine to catch.
    As for those Segways, we let's just say they look eminently chase-able!
    Toodle pip!

  14. I have to LOL just thinking about my Mom on a Segway. She would be down on the ground in no time at all.
    Your friend, Bentley

    1. Well having ones feet on the ground is a realistic understanding when riding those things. Push the handle forward go/pull back stop with a lot of plops.
      Bentley I will be giving away more of the Scottish goat milk soap in September so try again my friend.

  15. I would scream my head off at those Eden Park monsters
    Lily & Edward

  16. Lee's suncatcher is gorgeous, Wills!!

    -Ruby and Otto

  17. OMD Wills, your sun catcher is beautiful. those are some crazy looking contraptions to ride around on, we would bark at them surely. congrats to the winners!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  18. SEGWAYS !!!!!! I love to ride on my police segway. It is extra fun when I get to spin around in circles.
    Stay cool buddy.

  19. If we saw those things, there would be a ton of barkin'-- people ain't supposed to be on wheelie things... 'specially ones dat hum like bees!!!

  20. Momma used to see segways doin tours round da capitol in Austin. I wish I could get wheels for my walks, but I'd probablu bark wheeled-humans.

  21. I love your suncatcher!! What are those crazy riding things. I have never seen anything like that. I am sorry you have to get a shot, but I don't want you to get sick ever.

    Ziggy Out!!

  22. Like Madi, the mall cops ride around on those here, too. They *do* sound like bees! You know how much I love flowers, so I've met a lot of bees. Luckily, I've never been stung. My mom thinks it's only a matter of time no matter how many times she tells me to leave the bees alone. I really like your perch on the rock. Good luck at the dog-tor. That shot is totally worth it!

  23. Congrats to the winners! Do they have a Segway for doggies?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  24. That sure is a pretty sun catcher. Those segway things would probably scare us.

  25. We need that suncatcher to match our kitchen when mom gets it done, mom should ride a Segway to work but hers would probably run over the police office speeding after hers....stella rose

  26. I was right!!! OMD, I knew it!!! (okays, maybe I didn't KNOW it, butts I was pretty sure! bol) I loves it! I probably would stare at it too...maybe it's a terrier thing?!
    Oh, Ma wanted to tell you that yes her second toe IS longer than her big toe, and YES, she IS Celtic! She is half Irish! Gma used to call her monkey toes, cause Ma can pick thingies up with her feet! (conviennent in the shower! ☺)
    They have those Segway thingies at one of our malls! I haven't seen one in the furs befores, butts Ma says they always make her chuckle.
    Stay healthy SW...that doggie sickness sounds mighty scary!
    Ruby ♥

  27. I won't let growlmy get on one of those Segways....she is too prone to disasters...BOL! It does look like a neato way to go on a tour though!

    We had a couple of hot air balloons in my village today...I went nutso when I heard them..and they do not sound like bees, they sound like...well, hot air balloons, BOL!

    I bet I would bark at those Segways, as well...

    I hope your weather has also become more comfortable...did you get those storms too?

    What a lovely suncatcher you have in your sunny window!

    I sure hope you and any other doggy nevfur has to endure the ravages of this canine flu. Its so horrid.

  28. Thanks again fur the present! It was really pawsome of u to send it, it really helped Mommy feel better!

  29. Sweet William those segways look super fun! and i think you must be feeling much better being out and about :) i hope the shot is not to painful..ouch! I love the way sunshines through colored glass and find myself doubt you go into a little doggie trance..which sounds perfect to me :) big hugs and loves Fozziemum xxx